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How long before they make babies?

17 years ago

I moved my growing worm population lock stock and barrel to a new bin about a month ago. I think I overfed them thinking that I needed to put in more food since the new bin is twice the size of the old one. I promptly lost ALL of my adult worms. I was left with only the juveniles and some cocoons. Two weeks ago, I found that about 20 of the worms have become adults. Yesterday, after a lot of poking around, I couldn't find a single cocoon.

Could anyone please tell me how long does it take before a new adult worm start to mate and produce coccons? How do you encourage them to mate? Any particular food/bedding required? I am desperately trying to get my worm population back to what it was a month ago. Not easy to get supply of redworms here. Thanks in advance.

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