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coconut pulp

10 years ago

hi all,i fairly new to vermicompost.i found couple of worms in my potting soil a month ago,i guss thy came from a worm casting i bought last year.i asked around thy told me it is redwegler and the person recommend making vermicompost.i know i am gonna have to move them out of the pot that only has potting mix-no plant now- to mini rubbermade tub i seen on youtube.

my question is
1- how to harvest them from the soil to the new bin seems like a not so easy task thy are all over?

2-i also have lots of coconut pulp from making my own coconut milk in the vitamix..can i put it for them as food?what will you consider it as (carbon rich or nitrogen rich)?

3-when you prepare the bin for the first time do you rot out your kitchen scraps before you put it in?or should i go a head and make the bin put the worms and leave them to do their thing?

i just want them to thrive(since i have them now)not to die off.any advice will help.thankx to you all.

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