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Addicted to digging around in my (stinky) bin

15 years ago

Hi, my name is Gena and I'm addicted to seeing just what my worms are up to. And it's keeping my bin stinky, I think.

I'm coming up on my one month anniversary with my new pets. I've expanded their digs to the entire 31 qt (approx 8 gal?) rubbermaid tote. It has quarter-inch air holes drilled all around and another tote sitting on top with about 20 holes for the worms to eventually migrate through -- I'm going for a home-made stacking system -- and a ventilated lid on top of that.

My husband asked if the bin will "ever stop stinking and smelling like garbage." Obviously, I'm doing something wrong. I had hoped that by going ahead and putting dry newspaper bedding between the bins and some extra in the top bin, that I could absorb some of the humidity and odor.

I have some theories, but if I don't get the stink to stop, he's going to relegate my bin to the basement closet where the hot water heater and cat litter live. That'll certainly stop my digging around in the bin -- it's colder downstairs and who wants to sit and play next to a litter box?

Current theories:

1. I dig around too much. I like seeing the worms. They are peaceful to watch.

2. Humidity is high -- running about 95% -- but I still have fluffy bedding and no standing water. Little bit of condensation on the sides of the bin, but the worms seem to like those pockets. And there is plenty of newsprint that hasn't been wetted on top, so they could get away from it if needed.

3. I like to dig a lot. :) See what foodstuffs have disappeared.

4. There are a few onion ends in there that have a strong scent. I'm not going to put onion in any more for that reason -- it will go to my regular bin.

5. Maybe there is too much gap between the bins because of how full the bottom bin is.

I don't want to move the bin to the basement -- I like having it in the bathroom closet. I can monitor the temp and go play in the evenings. But, I've got to get rid of the stink before my PIL come to stay when I go to the hospital to deliver.

I thought about bringing the setup to work, but then I'd be checking on the worms instead of checking on the worm forum. :)


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