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Wilted leaves on Roma type tomatos

12 years ago

I am hoping I can find some info on a problem we have had two years in a row now. Most of my Roma type tomatoes, mainly the heirlooms, have curling leaves. Last year we thought this was because we had to use a kerosene heater to heat our temporary greenhouse for one night, which does not make for the best healthy breathing environment. The main varieties I grew last year that were affected were Roman Candle, Striped Roman and Purple Russian. This year the tomatoes are being grown in a fantastic new greenhouse with no worries about fumes from kerosene heater and sure enough, I am having the same problem. I have about 30 other varieties of tomatoes that are showing no problems. They are all grown in the same area, same soil, same transplant date but several of my Roma varieties are yet again looking sad. With these plants not looking good last year we did not take them to the farmers markets to sell instead we just planted them ourselves. Even though they looked really sad they ended up being one of our best producers, with more tomatoes than I knew what to do with. We did not save any seed, the plants that are showing the same problems this year are from new seed. I do not suspect any bug issues as we have not had any real bug activity here. We keep getting hard freezing temperatures and snow every few days. I have included a picture of one of the starts, taken today. I am looking forward to and appreciate any help that may be provided. Thank you in advance.


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