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Whey are My Tomato Transplants flowering to early??

13 years ago

I Started my seeds indoors under lights and when they had two sets of true leaves I moved them to the greenhouse and transplanted them from the flats to 4"x4"x5-6"H pots with a commercial mix with no fertilizer and also mixed in vermiculite, peat, and mushroom compost. When the plants were about 2' tall they flowered on the very top and even the very tip turned into a big flower. Why did they do this? after this I Transplanted them to the Garden when they were about 2 1/2 foot to 3 foot tall I was waiting for the soil to warm and I was working around the rain. I probably should of transplanted them about two weeks earlier but couldn't. When we transplanted them we removed the stems all but the top 6 inches and laid them down in a trench and bent the tip out of the trench leaving about 6 inches out of the ground. Before covering we added about 1/2 gal of compost and 2 tablespoons of espuma garden tone two tablespoons of Epsom salt and a little of ground egg shells sprayed water over the root ball to loosen and covered with dirt. (Love to try a little of everything :) Can you help me with the flowing question? I think I read somewhere that you should pull the flowers off but the very tip is a flower and if I pull this off will the plant grow any more? Please help!

Thank you

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