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My tomatoes are gone!!

14 years ago

I had 5+ tomatoes on one of my container plants that I recently relocated, and apparently it got the attention of all but one are gone!! It's not like a bite was taken from one or two of them, the tomatoes are just gone...picked clean!!

I am assuming that the squirrels did this. My neighbor that gardens (same one that warmed me about the rabbits that ate my first garden), warned me about the squirrels as well. They don't seem to be eating his tomatoes, though...*sigh*

Between the rabbits, rattlesnakes and squirrels, I'm going to spend more time fighting animals than I am gardening! I wonder if I just scattered some lettuce seed and a few other types of veggies in an area that is specifically for the animals if they would leave my veggies alone.

Time to read up on the squirrel control threads...oh, and if anyone knows how to keep rattlesnakes away, I'm all ears.

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