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Thin Carambola/1 stem Sugar apple

14 years ago

Hey Everyone! My carambola is about a year old and very thin...a month ago I tried to prune it(a little over a foot high), but it just grew a branch just as thin sticking out. It now has 2 branches (it doesn't appear to be due to pruning just decided to grow it). It can't hold itself up anymore. I try not to use too much fertilizer on it- maybe a little once or twice in the last 6 months. What can I do to help it thicken up? I got it 6 mo old from seed.

Also, my young sugar apple plants (I'd say...8 months old now) were pruned because they were getting so tall and I wanted branches....but all I got was a stem on the side of a stem. :( What do I do? It caused them to harden up into wood but...branches please.

These are growing inside. wind to strengthen the carambola and I hate leaving it where it gets a draft...afraid it will die.

Everything else is doing well...repotted all plants today. :)Yay for miracle fruit still for no blooms on anything. I got a light that should help complete the spectrum and help with flowering/fruiting so we'll see if that helps.

Thanks for any suggestions!!!

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