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Do pines pine in Very Alkaline Soil?

16 years ago

This is my first posting, so hello to all you great gardeners. My husband and I have four acres near Lexington, VA. We've lived in this house for 12 years and it has many mature trees, including what I think are two loblolly pines. They have never looked particularly full, and the needles tend to drop a lot. I have never seen any signs of bugs or fungus on them, but last year's ice storm broke a lot of limbs, which we had removed by a tree guy. I have never fed them and I am wondering if that is part of their problem (okay, okay, it takes some people longer to wake up than others). We also have extremely alkaline soil and I understand that pines tend to like acidic conditions. Before I start pouring gallons of vinegar around the drip line or hand-feeding them hamburgers, could I get some advice? - Virginia in Virginia

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