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UPDATE: Petal Pushers July White Elephant Swap #4

14 years ago

Box #1 (Karen)

Hosta 'Paul's Glory'

Heuchera 'Melting Fire'


'Siloam Fairy Tale Pink'

'Bama Bound'

'Bela Lugosi'

'Joan Senior'




Dianthus 'Telstar Picotte'

Lavender 'True'

This noid Iris (see picture above)

And this noid Iris (see picture above)

Also a Pillsbury Party Cookbook 144 pages



'Pandora's Box'

'Eenie Allegro'

Box #2 (Lisa)

echinacea green envy *changed from green jewel*

obedient plant- miss manners

sedum-blue spruce

carex- red rooster

pulmonaria- roy davidson

geum- lady stratheden

campanula takesimana-elizabeth

lily of the valley-pink

helianthus lemon queen

ligularia-unknown cultivar

knipofia- from bluestone

yarrow- Heidi from bluestone

heuchera blackout ****added

false solomons seal ****added

Plus an item that she has posted for us to see.

Box #3 (Shirley)

Daylily-'Beautiful Edgings'

Daylily-'Egyptian Queen'

Daylily-'Spacecoast Bold Design'

Daylily-'Liquid Sunshine'

Daylily-'Rib Tickling'

Bearded Iris-'Vibrations'

Bearded Iris-'Coral Point'

Bearded Iris-'Gotta Lotta Bodda'

Siberian Iris-'Lemon Veil'

Louisiana Iris-'Black Gamecock'

Japanese Iris-'Lion King'


Lilium-'Black Spider'

Tiarella-'Pink Brushes'

Hosta-'Elvis Lives'


Box #4 (Pat)

Daylily 'Lavender Tonic'

Geum 'Mrs. Bradshaw'

Echinacea 'White Swan'

Penstemon 'Red Riding Hood'

Balloon Flower 'Sentimental Blue'

Hosta 'Julie Morss' (so tagged from the nursery but I haven't seen much variation on this one)

Hosta 'Austin Dickinson'

Hosta 'Holy Mole'

Heuchera 'Cinnabar Silver' (though something could happen that I have to substitute 'Peppermint Spice')

1 year Subscription to your choice of one of the following magazines: "Southern Living" (13 issues), "Country Living" (12 issues), "Midwest Living" (6 issues) or "Better Homes & Gardens" (12 issues).

Lamiastrum 'Herman's Pride'

Candylily - Pardancanda norrisii 'Kiba Giants'

Echinacea 'Summer Sky'

Echinacea 'Rocky Top'

Variegated Liriope

Box #5 (Alana)


Rosey Returns

Exotic Treasure

Custard Candy

Wild Horses

Riviera Rhapsody

Bearded Iris


Unstable Gene

Her Kingdom

Galactic Warrior

Magical Encounter


Hosta, Blue Mouse Ears

Heuchera, "Mocha"

My non plant item is a quart sized copper watering pot. (picture above)

Box #6 (Carmen)

Chlorophaytum, Mandarin Plant-house plant

Peruvian Grape Ivy

Verigated mosquitoe plant- very pretty

Coleus Blackberry Waffle

Colocephalus Silver Bush

Ajuga Chocolate Chip

Heuchera Creme Brulee'

Lemon Grass, great for lemony tea

Hydrid Hosta "Sunhosta"beautiful large white flowers for in the SUN wooohooo

Juncus Twisted Arrows

Gag surprise that was gifted to me and I'm passing it on

Gardening bottle with fan and space for ice to keep you cool.

Daylily "fairy tale pink"

Plus a couple surprices

Box #7 (Deb)

Hardcover (very large book) "Martha Stewart's GARDENING Month by Month" 360 pages. Lots of info! (Book is like new)

Humming bird feeder made by First Nature

Magazines- Older issues..

2 Fine Gardening

Country Gardening

Burpee American Gardening Series/Garden Designs

Caladium bulb "Candidum" white with green veins

Caladium bulb "F.M Joyner" White with green netting, red veins

Allium (Color unknown) 12 bulbs


Sweet Autumn Clematis

Flowering Tobacco "Nicotiana Alata"

Pink Asiatic Lily

Monarda Wahpe

Heliopsis Helianthoides False Sunflower

Scarlet Flax

Nicotiana Sylvestris "Only the Lonely"

Sweet William

Veronica Spicata "Blue"

Best book of all.. 1,519 All Natural All Amazing Gardening Secrets by Reader's Digest, hardcover 383 pages (book is like new) Book highlites- Less weeding, greener grass, fewer bugs, bigger blooms!

Last book (softcover) used- Exotic Flowering Houseplants by William Davidson pgs. 96. Lots of info too, color pics!

Cute little plastic windchime- Hearts

Box #8 (Tracy)

Daylily "Moonlit Masquerade"

Echinacea "Sundown"

Echinacea "Cygnet White"

Echinacea "Double Decker"

Lungwort "Roy Davidson"

Fern "Bradfords Beauty"

Hosta "Gold Edger"

Hosta "Veronica Lake"

Hosta "Golden Tiara"

Hosta "Fortunei Aureomarginata"

I will be adding a garden gift or two. I need to pick that still so I suppose that will just have to be a surprise

Box #9 (ptilda)

Hosta Allen P. McConnell (mini)

Hosta Gold Standard

Hosta Golden Tiara

Hosta Lakeside Little Gem

Hosta Lancifolia

Hosta Twist of Lime

Hosta Undulata Albomarginata

Stella D'Oro Daylily

Magnetta Spiderwort

Dark Red Yarow

Hens and Chicks

White Lily of the Valley

Pink Lily of the Valley

NOID Yellow Bearded iris

Syringa vulgaris - common lilac

Hand-made "garden plaques" (personalized if desired)

Will be able to add some items if you can fit me in.

Box #10 (Vic)


Ice Carnival

Rocket City

One more but I'm not sure what yet, (it's a good excuse

to go get another! : )

Blue oat grass

Strawberry Ribbon Grass

No ID Rose - This is a tall, 5ft rose. I just got some from a friends yard, they are bright pink. I was going to take a pic of the one that was in bloom but I planted it too close to the dog kennel....(live and learn)

IF the "winner" of my box would like I have a White flowering Yucca, but, don't feel obligated to take this one! I know some ppl like them, I don't, but they grow wild here : )

An assortment of seeds that I will try to match up to your wants list.

a pair of gloves, leather/suede size med

patio candle - I think it's Hyacinth scented, can't remember

and your choice of one of 3 bird feeders, I'll post pics tonight. One is a hummer feeder, and the other 2 are for seed.

Box #11 (Fran)

01. Trumpet Vine (deep red/orangey color)may lose it tops but will put out from the root

02. Seedling Night Blooming Jasmine (it will be about 4.5 to 5 inches tall, it is a seedling)

03. Star Jasmine 1 rooted Piece/Stem? (about 13 inches long)

04. Datura Lilac Lefleur

05. Datura Black Currant Swirl (seedling, not sure how big it will be it is about 2 inches now, they grow fast it will come potted)

06. Syringa vulgaris Common Lilac, French Lilac small plant divison

07. Malva sylvestris Mystic Merlin (young plant)

08. Heuchera 'Pewter Veil'

09. Hosta 'August Moon'

10. Verbena bonariensis

11. Tricyrtis 'Tojen' (Tojen Toad Lily)

12. Echinacea 'Pink Double Delight' young plants

13. Echinacea 'Mac 'N' Cheese' young plants

other items to be included be SURPRISED hehe

Box #12 (Sassy)


America's Most Wanted

Freeda James

Golden Scroll

Jedi Tequilla Sunrise

Sweet As Honey

Slap Me Sassy


Black Gamecock



Spring Peeper

Stop the Music


Box #13 (Denise)

Brass Buttons New Zealand Brass Buttons 'Platt's Black'

Ester Reed Daisy

Coral honeysuckle

Voodoo Sedum

Angelina Sedum

Krebs II Hens and chicks

Lonicera Purpurea

Huechera Ring of Fire

NOID Purple/Black Iris

Apricot Foxglove

Hydrangea Emotion

Ludgers windsong x Peanut Brugmansia

added: Hibiscus 'Freedom'

and a couple of surprises

Currant Standing

Tracy- Box #4 (Pat's

Sassy- Box #10 (Vic's)

Carmen- Box #6 (Carmen's)

Karen- Box #2 (Lisa's)

Pat- Box #8 (Tracy's)

Lisa- Box #5 (Alana's_

ptilda - Box #13 (Denise)

Deb-Box #9 (ptilda's)

Denise - Box #3 (Shirley's)

Vic - Box #11 (Fran's)

Shirley - Box #12 (Sassys's)

Fran- Box #1(Karen's)


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