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Volunteer Tomatoes

14 years ago

I'm not a veggie eater, but my better half is and because she travels a lot; many a tomatoes hit the garden soil last year.

With all these ripe tomatoes hitting the ground, lots of seeds were left in the soil. And with this new year, I've got volunteer tomatoes coming up everywhere.

So what should I do?? Should I replant them and wish for the best or should I just till them back in?

I'm think I might want to grow a few to see what I get. My problem is that I have no idea what I might end up with because, last year, I had Rutgers, Celebrity, and a few other varieties planted. For all I know, I might get something true or some crazy hybrid that won't produce a single tomato.

What do you do when you get a volunteer plant?? Are the odds good that I will get a plant that produces good fruit or are tomatoes more like apple trees where the odds of getting something similar to the parent really slim?


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