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What are you going to do differently next year in your garden?

17 years ago

I've just completed making another batch of Apple Pie Jam... and, the final group of tomatoes have finally ripened, so will either dehydrate them or make some sauce tomorrow. In a couple of days the almonds should be cured enough to bag up and stash away.

After I'm through with the garden things, I'll start on my usual winter work of making my parrots happy such as repairing/building new play tables, new perches & wood 'toys'& patching scrapes in the walls (last one makes hubby happy but the birds just look forward to doing more 'wall art'!. LOL

Always something to do... and things I just can't seem to get done.

The first break of spring seems to come just when I am catching my breath. I am always anxious to get out to pull those shamelessly multiplying weeds before they start to set multi-spurred fish-hook anchors!

So, I never seem to get the fruit trees sprayed. Number one improvement for me next year will be to find out just when and what (organics) to spray. These Fuji and Criterion apple trees put out fabulous fruit... much, MUCH better than what is available in the stores. The pear tree has such wonderful fruit and tasting the slices I dehydrated from it are like eating a sweet burst of chewy concentrated candy.. so mouth-watering! But I have had to work too hard to get my share.

I'm tired of trying to play nice with critters that will not! This year most of the pesky Squirrel family was transplanted, with the last one to follow the '06 group next spring. Next year the bad bugs that have been playing house inside my apples and forcing me to become a skilled carver and excavator, will be minimized!

Anyone else started making plans for garden improvements for '07?


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