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Gardener's 'Tomato Tower' vs. Texas Tomato Cages

15 years ago

Hi all,

I am only in my second year of growing tomatoes (sort of doing SFG/intensive) and didn't like the whole pruning and lacing up a trellis thing last year.

I'd like to get some sort of nice cage... I'm not handy enough (or inclined enough) to use the CRW... so I'm resigned to paying some $$$ for some nice cages.

I heard about the Texas Tomato Cages here and am *this close* to buying them.

But then my mom reminded me about she loves their stuff. They have something they call a "Tomato Tower" in roughly the same price range.

Since I only want to invest this ridiculous sum of money once, just want to be sure there aren't any other more economical or better made products than the TTC.



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