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Showing off my new hoop-cover

12 years ago

So, in case you didnt notice, I live in WI zone 4. Last frost day is still over a month away(May 31st). I start planting tomorrow and I am so excited that I had to share the new hoop-covers for my raised beds.

All of my seedlings are rarin to go, thanks to the info I have gleaned from the kind folks on this forum. (but dont worry I am not putting out tomatoes and peppers yet.)

I haven't settled on the best way to hold the plastic on these. Right now I have made "clips" out of the same flexible tubing that the hoops are made of, but I had sharp edges poke a few holes, and if they are not sized just right they fly off across the yard when a little tension is put on the plastic. - still....... its looking good isnt it?

It is hinged on to the backside of the bed with simple plastic strap hinges,and light enough that I can lift it with one hand. I didn't glue anything, so it is completely dismantable, and I can switch to row cover material if I want when it warms up. I have all of the parts cut to top of the other long bed, and should be able to get it on tomorrow. Including the 6 mill greenhouse plastic they cost me about 50 bucks a piece, and took less than a day to make using only a hacksaw and snips.

I suspect I will have to make some changes as I use it. Right now a windstorm could take it apart. feel free to offer suggestions.


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