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This forum is killing me!

17 years ago

I'm already in several forums and now we have this new one. It is by far the best one but you're all killing me! Every darn post seems so interesting that I find that I need to respond to almost every one! I've certainly found them interesting enough to have to read thru every one of them. Also, everyone so far is fantastic. What a group! Refreshing!

We have individuals from all walks of life and all over the place with at least one thing in common...we're nuts! Okay, we're nuts over growing rare fruits. All I ask of everyone is that we all continue to play nice with each other, encourage each other, and always try to be helpful and respectful. I honestly cannot say this of another forum I check out. I believe some of the members would just as soon dig a grave for another member than dig a hole for a rare fruit tree. I rarely post a new message or a reply for fear of some sort of reprisal or made to feel unworthy.

So...thank you all for your interest. Let's have fun and learn more about rare fruit!

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