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NEW: obf - junes white elephant plant swap (2)

12 years ago

The Our Bloomin' Friends(OBF) group is a group of like-minded gardeners who are willing to commit to at least a year of "membership." Only current members qualify, ALTHOUGH, if you would like to become an OBFer, you must commit to at least 5 months of the year, trade or have traded with at least 2 current members, and be willing to send your package first. If you think you can agree to the guidelines, we would love to have you.

June's white elephant swap

#1 Melissa

5 daylilies (all named, but some NOID)

10 iris (again, named, but some may be NOID)

Micro-mini rose "Popcorn" (fully rooted plant)

2 hosta (NOID but named)

Widow's Cross (sedum)

3 surprise plants

#2 Vina

Oregano~NOID~ Perennial

Egyptian Walking Onion

Yarrow~NOID~ Pink (very pretty!)

Ribbon Grass~Variegated

Daylily~ Frans Hal

Coneflower~ Ruby Giant

Iris~ Gudrun

Iris~ Victoria Falls

Iris~ Cat's Eye

Iris~ Alpine Storm

Iris~ Snowbrook

Iris~ Klamath

Iris~ Florentina

and 1 surprise plant of my choosing :0)

#3 Sue N

For my 7 named TB irises, I'll send one each of

Alabama Bound

Heavenly Body

Kevin's Theme

Lyme Time

Maverick Game

Oh Jamaica

Straight Up

For my 3 named dayliles, one of each

Cranberry Cove


Garden Crawler (rare)

2 NOID daylilies

3 NOID iris, combination of tall, intermediate, dwarf Clump of Dark Purple NOID Siberian Iris, very pretty

Sedum, Stonecrop Golden Tip

3 Surprise Plants

#4 Carol

3 noid daylilies

lavender pixi daylily

limelight huchera

noid green and white hosta w lav flowers

noid asiatic lily

black barlow columbine

raspberry ice pulmonia

2 blue japanese iris

superstition bearded iris

cedar house sunflowerseed and peanut bird feeder

lampwork glass seahorse necklace and earring set

#5 Shirley

Japanese Iris - Center of Attention

Japanese Iris - Edens Starship

Japanese Iris - Mount Fujiyama

Asiatic Lily - Beverlys Dream

Asiatic Lily - Grand Cru

Asiatic Lily - Patricas Pride

Bearded Iris - Bel Espirit

Bearded Iris - Stairway to Heaven

Bearded Iris - Silverado

Bearded Iris - Thornbird

Louisiana Iris - Black Gamecock

Hosta - StripTease

Columbine - Barlow Black

Mint - Chocolate

Daylily - Aragon

Daylily - Piano Man

Daylily - Tooth

Crocosmia - Emily McKenzie

#6 Heidi

7 NOID orange Daylily

3 NOID orange Asiatic Lily

1 NOID Black Iris (I think it looks more Dark Purple, but the lady I got it from said it was black)

1 NOID Yellow and Brown Iris~small

4 NOID Peony (pink or white not sure what they are)

1 Daring Deception Desert Pink Daylily

1 Aloe plant

1 NOID sedum

1 Bleeding Heart (I think its pink)

#7 Mellen



Ruffled Valentine

Strawverry Candy

Hostas-Big Mama

2 more named of my choice

Lilies-American Native

American Dream



Lavender-Elegance Ice

Spiderwort-Sweet Kate

Balloonflower-tall purple

Josie Reblooming Lilac

Hardy Geranium-Carol


Caladiums- 1 quart bag full of mixed

#8 Jen

hawaiin punch spiderwort

Noid purple spiderwort


3 spirea

black night butterfly bush

red hardy mum

ribbon grass

heuchera- I believe palace purple

5 liatris bulbs


3 noid daylilies

blanket flower

#9 Remy

Tall White bearded Iris

Iris 'Honerabile'

Dwarf Iris noid Very Pretty Light Blue

Louisiana Iris 'Black Gamecock'

Sedum 'Oracle'

Other assorted Sedum starts

Semervivums 'Sanford Hybrid'

Salvia azurea

Pink Spiderwort

Valerian (Valeriana officinalis)

Daylily 'Ball Gown'

Something on the recipient's want list(or as close as I can get)

*More of other plants taylored to the recipient if there is room in the box

#10 Faye

Ajuga, Bronze Beauty

Purple Leaf Shamrocks

Chameleon Plant

Vinca Major, Variegated


Potatoe Vine

Jerusalem Cherry

Gold Child Ivy

Ladys Tears, Violet

Egyptain Walking Onion

Pink Evening Primerose

Purple Heart Plant

Asparagus Fern

Lamium, Groundcover

Iris, Mixed

3 - Cannas NOID, I think I will check on that

4 - Glads, Green Star

Blue Eyed Grass, Purple

Pampass Grass, White

#11 Sue G

sweet onion bulbs



red salvia ( and a blue if I can inclue)

a MiniRose pink or red my choice

3 named daylillies I would tell you which but my order

is not here yet

Six (6) small 2 to 3 inch succulent sedems (commerical quality and very sute 2 to 3 inch size)


3 surprises (hopefully I can get an Eurypos daisy in there -m its myb favorite

MELISSA - chooses #9

SHIRLEY - chooses #3

JEN - chooses #7

REMY - chooses #4

SUE N - chooses #2

SUE G -chooses #

HEIDI- chooses #10

CAROL- chooses #5




Sue G choose again

GAME TIME:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

The first one who can tell me the answer to this wins this daylily Two Part Harmony:

How many employees does the Company I work for employee?

Whew hope I got it all copied over here.


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