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Weird, Odd & Unusual Seed Swap! July Incredible Edibles

13 years ago

Hi Everyone!

This month's Swap for the Incredible Edibles group will be Weird, Odd and Unusual Edibles!!!

First off, I hope everyone has been busy planting away while our group took a short break! But, it will be great to get the swaps going again!

And what better than getting some Weird and Odd seeds together! We will be swapping seeds for edibles only, as usual.

Seeds great for this swap would be:

An odd or unusual COLOR for that particular veggie/herb/fruit.

An odd or unusual SHAPE for that particular veggie/herb/fruit.

An odd or unusual TASTE for that particular veggie/herb/fruit.

An odd or unusual SIZE for that particular veggie/herb/fruit.

Something that just LOOKS, SOUNDS, or even FEELS Weird! LOL!

Maybe something that is RARE or HARD to FIND, therefore making it Unusual to grow.

I think you get the idea! I also thought, that at the end of the swap, after every posts what they received from their partners, we can all have a vote on who gave the Weirdest, Oddest, most Unusual bunch of seeds! And the winner would get a special surpise mailed to them from us moderators!

Please give your partner the equivilant of 5-6 full pack of seeds. More can be sent, if you and your partner agree to do so.

Sign Ups will be until June 17th. Please have your seeds sent out by the 4th of July. That should give everyone plenty of time inbetween to talk to their partner, get seeds together, to take time to place a seed order if need be, etc.

Also as a side note, I am hosting the Incredible Heirlooms (our sister group), swap for July, Second Time Around. If you do decide to join both swaps, I will give you the same partners for BOTH this swap and that swap, so you will only have to send to one person, and save on shipping costs,while still being able to participate in 2 swaps. Again, this is for people interested in both swaps, you DO NOT have to join that swap to be in this one! So skip over this paragraph! LOL!

Any questions, feel free to ask!!!! I have a feeling I fogot to mention something, LOL! If I remember it, I will post it.

So get your heads thinking of some weirdo veggies and oddball fruits, and unusual herbs!!!!


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