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plant swap fort worth - part four

14 years ago

Barkingdogwoods, I believe I have some St. John's Wort left, but if not, I definitely have a large Tansy. You are more than welcome to browse for something else on Saturday too. Thanks.


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  • dcarpenter
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Weldon, I'm interested in your beard tongue. what color is it? Is there anything else on my list that interests you? If not, e-mail me and maybe we can work something out. Thanks.

    Lambs Ear
    Lysimachia - Golden Globes (rooted cuttings just recently potted up)
    St. Johns Wort
    Sedum Angelina
    Sedum Autumn Joy
    Sedum Balticum or Brevofolium (not sure which one)
    Several different types of houseplants
    Aloes (not the usual kind)
    Ghost Plant
    Savlia (not sure of the name)(purple bloom)
    Airplane plant (green)
    Oleander (white) (cuttings)
    Osteosporum (cuttings just recently rooted and potted up)
    Rock rose paronia
    Cannas - Tropicana and King Humbert Red
    Queen Anne's Lace
    Bee Balm
    Amaranth - Intense purple (seedling)
    Horsetail rush
    lemon balm
    Mother of Thousands
    Night-blooming cereus cuttings (white)


  • tina_2
    14 years ago

    Hi - I was wondering if anyone has a columbine, herbs, flowering plants to share!
    I have :
    purple iris.
    pink oxalis.
    nite blooming cereus / huge white flowers.
    loofah vine - the one that makes the bath scrubbies,
    makes large yellow flowers.
    fragrant, mock orange cuttings.
    snow queen hibiscus cuttings- tri color leaf
    ( pink,cream and green) with red flowers, very easy
    to root in a cup of water.
    Let me know. Thanks - tina_2

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    Well I don't think I have had that much fun since I was a teenager! LOL! I am just in love with all my new plants. And as if I didn't bring home enough, my next door neighbor saw all my new plants and decided to gift me with some irises and honeysuckle:-) She wants to come to the spring swap. I think I may be able to get her addicted to gardenweb. I also have a friend that brought me a lilac and a turks cap and he seemed highly interested in all my loot. I haven't gotten everything planted yet. The toddler is making it hard to get things done this week! I just moved a bakers rack to the front of an east facing window so that takes care of the houseplants and everything else is in a protected staging area until it gets planted. Oh I am going to have too much fun. I had a great time and it was so wonderful to meet so many nice generous people. I have never felt so comfortable amongst strangers! Debbie, is it okay if I steal the above pics for my blog? Oh and Marti8A, I think it was you that gave me a goldfish plant and then the old rose.....It bloomed the day after I brought it home and it is GORGEOUS! The prettiest girliest shade of pink I have ever seen and it smells delicious. My girls are really going to enjoy picking roses all next year. Julie, the boxwood shrub is a hit in my house. Everybody loves how it looks like a little miniature tree. Okay, I have to shut up now. My son is getting into EVERYTHING! Becca
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    I plan to come this year and bring a new friend, my co-worker's mom. Sylvia, I have an abundance of manfreda that thrives in sunny, hot locations. I'll bring some for you. I also have some agave protoamericana pups that like the same conditions. I think that they top out at around 4X4. I have a nice patch of the comfrey that you shared with me some years back. Pretty blue flowers!
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  • seamommy
    14 years ago

    I am looking for a post by someone named 'fortunegardener' who said that they had a pink brug cutting. I wanted to send an e-mail but for the life of me I can't find the post. Is that person still coming? Do you still have the pink brug and can I trade you anything for it? If not, Does anyone have a pink brug? I would love to have one and if I don't have any plants you want to trade for it, I may be compelled to wash and wax your car for it. Cheryl

  • aprilintx
    14 years ago

    I potted up 5 dame's rockets and a May Night salvia yesterday, if anybody's interested!


  • fairysoapgirl
    14 years ago

    April - I am interesting in the May Night... but I am not sure what I have left for you! I think sedum and Black Eyed Susan are the only things we haven't traded for! Hmm... what else can I dig? :o)

  • dirtmomma
    14 years ago

    My final list unless I overlooked someone:
    Alley gets turks cap - me: rock rose
    Catlunatic/Hope gets a choice - me: sweet autumn clematis
    Debbied07 gets heucheras & mums - me: name tag
    Gardenmommaureen gets ?? me yard amaryllis ??
    Mommyfox Julie gets crinum, turks cap, Spirea root - me rock rose, columbine
    Planopondnut/Sally gets crinum - me cast iron plant
    Tina gets green or choice - me - vinca vines
    WeldonTX gets garlic chives, parsley - me ??

    Correct me asap if I'm wrong.
    See y'all Sat.
    Dorothy B.

  • carrie751
    14 years ago

    Cheryl, email me.

  • carrie751
    14 years ago

    Alley, I did not hear from you about the torch lily --- do you still one available?

  • weldontx
    14 years ago

    LADIES, I can't read fast enough to stay up!!!
    Debbie I will put your name on a Huskers red beard tongue
    Seamommy- I have a pink brug that I'll put your name on.
    dirtmamma -- look at my list and let me know by e-mail==
    AND IF I MISSED ANYONE, please e-mail. May not get to the website in time.

    Here's what I'm bringing:
    BARB - Turk's cap
    SYLVIA - kalanchoe - dbl pink, white, red/orange
    TINA - pink brug, white brug
    SEAMOMMY - pink brug
    DEBBIEDO - pincushion (blue), kalanchoe, beard tongue

    3 spider wort (blue), 1 thyme-pink chintz; 1 white kalanchoe; 1 sedum - ruby glow; 8 coral vine-pink; 2 mint-1 spear,1 apple; 3 brugs-2 white, 1 ??; 3 oragano;
    5 coreopsis; 1 pincushion; 1 Washington hawthorn -12" tall.

    Sweet Sonata; Brothers Grimm; Mlle Franziska Kreuger; Belinda's Dream; Old Blush; Nearly Wild; pink climber- spring bloom (could be Dorothy Perkins); 1 red mini- Beauty Secret by Ralph Moore who, by the way at 101 yrs, is giving all his parent stock for hybridizing to TEXAS A&M!!

    AS STATED, if I missed someone, or if you want one of my trades, PLEASE e-mail.


  • seamommy
    14 years ago

    Weldon, thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!! What can i give you for the pink brug? Cheryl

  • barefoot_in_texas
    14 years ago

    April - i would be interested in dame's rocket and may night salvia.

  • mikeandbarb
    14 years ago

    April I'd some Dame's Rocket and may night too. I have other salvia's, sedum tall 8 inches makes a really nice mound takes sun to part sun, red canna, columbine to name a few thing to trade and other items I'm bring for trading.

  • alley
    14 years ago

    I potted up some of my black eye susan and they don't look that great at the moment. I'll bring them and see if they make it. If they look too puny, perhaps I'll have something else to trade (barefoot and element)

    I guess my email wasn't working very well, so here is my list as I have it at the moment:

    Planopondnut-daylilies (for fall aster)

    fairysoapgirl-hosta (for coreposis)

    element--black eyed susan (I think) for rose if you have one left.

    debbiedo7--chinese lanterns, torch lily and hostas (for tag and something else that I don't remember at the moment--I need to stick to one list :)

    toadlily--shasta and/or lanterns (don't remember what I said in my email) for bird of paradise cutting.

    tina--canna and medalian for brug (and I emailed you about the mock orange)

    mommyfox--balloon flower for lantana (my gingers aren't looking good, so I'm holding off on them until possibly the fall)

    mikeandbarb-desert willow for salvia (just some small seedlings at this point).
    weldon--pomegrante for brugs (I emailed you that one)

    sylvia--hostas for blue mist (I thought I read you didn't get them rooted--that's ok if you don't have them) and la iris

    dirtmamma--rock rose for turks cap

    seamommy--cleomes (they are white I believe) for brug (I don't care about color)

    carrie--torch lily for ??

    barefoot--black eyed susan (or something else if they get too puny) for food.

    I hope I have it all straight.

    alley (alison)

  • gardenmommaureen
    14 years ago

    Dirtmomma I will bring you amaryllis. I'm sure I'll find something I would love that you have. If not they need to be thinned out anyway. I'm so confused at this point I think I'll just bring extras and hope to find extra's to trade. I know I won't be disappointed. Maureen

  • mikeandbarb
    14 years ago

    Maureen I know the feeling. I'm tired and worked more than I should Ouch and I'm not done sorting everything out in boxes. Hoping to get that done tonight.

    I have done the same, dug up extras just in case I see something I'd like and hope to have something in exchange.

    Found a clay window type pot long and narrow, good for sedum's or cactus.

  • mikeandbarb
    14 years ago

    April, If I have something you'd like to trade I would like to try your Gardener's Hand Scrub (sugar scrub w/ shea butter and finely ground pumice), trade value 6.95


  • weldontx
    14 years ago

    Alley, thanks for reminding me about the brugs.
    Darlene, my apologies, I said Debbie for the beard tongue, meaning you. Cheryl, I'll just look at what you have at the swap.
    Bringing Killer Caker, spicy crackers and cheese for everyone==as far as it goes.


  • kay75052
    14 years ago

    debbiedo-this type doesn't require two to produce fruit. I orginallly just bought one and it did just fine fruiting. It took awhile though. I just love the deep burgundy leaves and the beautiful flower show it produces at the beginning of spring. I really don't eat the fruit b/c its very small. If you still want both of them, I will put you down for them. I already have some stellas, so will just have to check with you at the swap.

    Carrie - I don't believe it's perilla magilla. I just love the deep purple and green colors on it. I also use it as an herb. It's great for salads, springrolls and curing a common cold. The scent is very strong so it does help to keep away some bugs. If you are still interested I will bring you some.

    Barb - I would like to have one of your texas gold columbine for the purple leaf perilla.

    Carla - the white rose is more like a sprawler, it will only get about one feet tall and semithornless. I would love to have cutting of your yesterday, today,tomorrow plant.

    Darlene - I'm interested in your cannas. PLMK if there is anything you would like from my trade list or my table at the swap.

  • Lin barkingdogwoods
    14 years ago

    Hi Weldon - I'd love a pink coral vine, I have no idea what of mine you'd like but I'll bring whatever I have and maybe you can "browse". I could probably find a Kerria Japonica (japanese rose) or cuttings from a dark pink seven sisters rose (almost red).

    Please let me know - THANKS!

    Lin (barkingdogwoods)

  • element321
    14 years ago

    This is what I have confirmed for trades. If I am missing something let me know. I am real scatted brained right now. I MUST be emailed for me to respond to you early enough for me to get this sorted out.

    toadlilly :mixed colors - lil red bud, and Rose of Sharon double purple cuttings. For 2 or 3 varigated litrope.
    Mommyfox: Cannas
    planopondnut/Sally: red canna and salvia guaranitica for confederate rose and coneflower seeds
    Carrie751: salvia, Turk's Cap, and cannas. for 2 or 3 Confederate rose
    Barkingdogwoods: 2 or 3 Agave Pups and Tropicanna Canna. for 2 or 3 confederate rose cuttings.
    tina_2: mixed bunch of daylillies - for 2 or 3 confederate roses.
    Fairysoapgir/Michelle: Blackeye Susan
    dannab_1 /Danna: Coral Honeysuckle several
    mommyfox/Cheryl: gaint coneflower and lavender columbine seeds
    alley/alison: White blackeyed susan for some purple cone flower and a confederate rose cutting if there are any left

    Clematis - any type but looking for parkseed's radar love
    Japanese Maple - Crimson Queen - sappling
    Coneflower - I have purple, looking for other colors
    Butterfly Bush/weed dwarf varieties preferred(not that important)
    Trailing Rosemary
    wood Ferns
    ZZ Plants

    I have
    Several Confederate rose cuttings left -very few. May have 1 cutting left.
    Purple Coneflower seed Heads
    I have purple crape myrtle suckers that I might be able to dig up.

  • necia
    14 years ago

    Attention Debbiedo, Weldon, Planopondnut, Barkingdogwoods and dcarpenter....

    I just found out that what I thought was Persian Shield is actually Perilla frutescens. The original seed that I started with was labeled incorrectly. I am sooooo sorry! Now I am feeling even more stressed about the swap!!! First, I am worried that my seedlings are too small and now this. Ugh!

    I will competely understand if you don't need/want the perilla and it won't hurt my feelings one bit! I just want everyone to me happy!

    Again, my apologies.


  • mommyfox
    14 years ago

    Ack, crap - I just noticed that some of my seedlings have aphids. Anyone know a good way to get rid of them quickly so I don't bring aphids to the swap???

  • carrie751
    14 years ago

    Cheryl, mix 1/3 cup Murphy's oil soap and one tblsp soda to a gallon of water and spray them. It make take a couple of sprayings. This is recommended for spider mites, but works on aphids, also.

  • barefoot_in_texas
    14 years ago

    necia - don't stress - just come to swap and enjoy and have fun. We've all had plant issues at one time or another. The important thing is the relax and enjoy yourself.

  • planopondnut
    14 years ago

    Necia, please don't worry, we're all having fun here. I'll take your Perilla frutescens for my fern and enjoy it. :-) I'm looking forward to meeting you tomorrow. Sounds like the weather will be marvellous!

  • tina_2
    14 years ago

    Hi Necia - I had persian shield one year and it didn't do well for me. Waaayyy too finicky of a plant for me.
    You got me wondering.... So, I looked up the plant that you have.
    Actually it sounds a lot easier , than the p. shield.
    Here is a pic. if anyone's interested in it.
    It is a lovely plant and for full sun, can't beat that!
    By the way - If you have enough , can you bring me a few?
    I, just love the striking color of them!
    I will have several xtra plants at the swap and you can browse- pick something you like. Okay? Let me know.
    Thank you. tina_2

  • tina_2
    14 years ago

    Hi - I am so glad, you are coming! I got, some great plants from you last time!!!
    And, it's so nice to see a familiar face!
    I will have xtra plants, maybe you can browse my table and see if you need anything of mine?
    As, I know you will have some cooool plants!
    Thanks - tina_2

  • debbiedo7
    14 years ago

    don't fret it's not the first time that happened & won't be the last either. haha
    I have sprouts that the paper name label got wet & well I have some guessing to do & so will anyone picking them up from our table.

    If you don't have murphy oil - use lemon dish soap mixed 1 tsp to a gal. Spray on plants wash off the next day - do that for a few days til ya don't see any critters. (this will also kill bees & butterflies so be careful & don't get to soap happy) you can also spray your yard for fleas with this method.

    See ya Saturday - TOMORROW - OH MY I GOT WORK TO DO


  • sylviatexas1
    14 years ago

    Y'all got yer "mommies" backerds:

    mommyfox is Julie,
    seamommy is Cheryl!

    I've been clearing out space by the Tradescent (Tradescant?) roses for artemesia or some such;
    plopped a bunch of cannas & daylilies in there a number of years ago, thinking "gold goes with burgundy".


    I've given *vivid orange* next to burgundy chance after chance to look better, & it just don't work.

    + I thinned the canna indica Indian shot (coral flowers, attractive to hummingbirds),so I have *boxes* of that as well as green-leaved Wyoming (7'tall orange), lemon yellow Conestoga, & then another box of Kwanzo daylilies.

    I'll look at any trade at all;
    whatever is left over, I'll take to Ovilla next week, & then it's off to my sis-in-law's in the country.

    Make me an offer.

    (what a rush it is to talk like Donald Trump!)
    bwaaaa haaaa haaaaa

  • rebeccaindfw
    14 years ago

    I am a pretty new gardener and all my cuttings failed... the only thing I really have to offer is a few "Moon & Stars" watermelon seeds. Should I even bother coming to the swap?

  • tina_2
    14 years ago

    Hey Sylvia - I will be happy to take the coral cannas!!!!!
    Thank you. - tina_2

  • tina_2
    14 years ago

    Hey rebeccaindfw - Yes, come to our swap and you can bring anything, related to gardening.
    Such as:

    potting soil.
    peat pots to plant seeds in.
    pots of any size , hanging baskets.
    bamboo steaks, to keep plants upright.
    garden art.
    plant markers.
    any type seed packets.
    any type plant, cutting, start.
    And if you have any plants or shrubs in your
    yard- bring some cuttings.
    and anything else, the list is endless.......
    You can even find a LOT of gardening stuff, at the dollar stores.... for just a dollar. Just in case.
    So, come on now!!! We won't let you leave
    empty handed!!!lol
    Goodluck - tina_2

  • dcarpenter
    Original Author
    14 years ago

    Weldon, I e-mailed you before I saw your post. Thanks! What else can I bring you?

    AprilinTx, I would like some of your dames rocket if you have any left. My tradelist is listed under yesterday's posts. Let me know if you see anything you like.

    Kay, I have plenty of cannas. Just drop by my table.

    Necia, don't worry about it. I would be happy to share my plants with you anyway. I've already got them packed and ready to go. Thanks!


  • rebeccaindfw
    14 years ago

    Thank you, tina_2! I have been so bummed out that I don't really have anything to offer.

  • aprilintx
    14 years ago

    Speak now or forever hold your peace!=) (I'll be gathering it up around 6:00 tonight!)


  • dannab1
    14 years ago


    I would take some more kwanzo's....I will be bringing lots of nursery pots you are welcome to. I also found a ice plant in the greenhouse (we always called them fire and ice) succulent leaves with tiny hot pinkish red blooms. Would you like a pot of it??

    rebeccaindfw- I sent you an email....come see me at the swap!

  • dannab1
    14 years ago

    April -- I missed that you had Dame's rocket! I would love some if you still have any.
    Here is what I have left:
    coral honeysuckle
    volcano salvia
    red bee balm
    native red salvia (hummers love it!)
    purple iris

  • barefoot_in_texas
    14 years ago

    necia - don't stress - just come to swap and enjoy and have fun. We've all had plant issues at one time or another. The important thing is the relax and enjoy yourself.

  • Lin barkingdogwoods
    14 years ago

    Ooooh, Necia, Perilla - that's even better than Persian Shield - something that's not in the garden centers. SCORE!!! That sounds (and looks) like something I'd really like, so I'm all for this trade. I looked it up, and one of the web sites said, "Rub leaves on your skin and clothes on hikes to repel ticks." I can use that in my 15 acres of woods!!


  • weldontx
    14 years ago


    rebeccaindfwm, don't you dare miss this swap! I'll have SOMETHNG you can get, just for showing up.


  • dannab1
    14 years ago

    ECOVERT, Nice article! I would love some worms, come see me and lets trade!

    I have a native red salvia that the hummers love if you want some, or stop by to see what else I have.

    ANYBODY ELSE-- have any coral vine?? I had forgotten about it until Weldon posted now I want some!!

  • barefoot_in_texas
    14 years ago

    Okay everybody - I'm about ready to head home for the day and may not check back in. But for anyone who is directionally challenged and would like my cell phone number it is:
    4 6 9 2 3 5 3 5 0 1. Feel free to call if you get lost or can't find us once you get to the park. See y'all tomorrow. Come hungry.

  • mikeandbarb
    14 years ago

    Kay, I put you down for some Texas gold columbine

    Boy, y'all have been busy LOL....I'm tired after all the work I did today and still have to load up my truck.

    The best I can hope for is that I've kept everyone straight with who get's what.

    I have a list so I should be ok and those that are getting more then 2 plants have their own boxes.

    See y'all tomorrow

  • debbiedo7
    14 years ago

    Hi Erin

    I'll take some of your worms. Check my table for what you want tomorrow.


  • necia
    14 years ago

    Thank you, Everyone, for your kind words! I was just a little stressed out earlier. I have all of my plants labeled and boxed up into April's car. Now, it's time for a little Kahulua and Cream!

    Tina, I put you down for the last Perilla!

    Erin, so glad that you can come! I think that a bag of worms would be really cool. Maybe you can do a little, tiny talk about how to raise them.....! Like Debbie said, just check at my table tomorrow to find something for trade.

    Rebecca, thanks for posting your phone number. April and I will be leaving at 8:00 in the morning (right after I stop and buy the donuts! We can never take a road trip without donuts!) Hopefully we won't have any trouble finding our way. Will there be bathrooms at the park?

    See you all soon!

  • autumnshowers
    14 years ago

    I plan on bringing roses, bagged coffee grounds, and 2 to 3 gal pots.

  • catlunatic
    14 years ago

    Dannab1, I have a few coral vine seeds if you want to try them. I don't know anything about getting them to germinate, I haven't tried them yet. Let me know


  • dannab1
    14 years ago

    I will try the seeds! We had the vine in Austin and it seems like babies came up around it that weren't attached.

    CASTINGS--Not sure if anyone will see this but a friend gave me a quart ziploc bag of fresh earthworm castings with lots of eggs. If you are interested in a trade she would like something that attracts butterflies or hummers.

  • sylviatexas1
    14 years ago

    danna, believe me, I have enough Kwanzos to go around!

    Tina, I have bunches of coral Indicas (April is taking some, & there are still about a million!)

    Rebecca, come on out! I my own personal self have 4 o'clocks, cannas, Kwanzo daylilies...easy stuff that *grows*, & you can take quite a bit home!

    ecovert, welcome & thanks for the wonderful article!
    I will bring you some lamb's ear; it looks only a little bit depressed, so it's on its way to getting perky (lamb's ear always seems to go into a decline when you move it;
    it does recover & grows well.)

    signing off for the night, I hope!

  • Lin barkingdogwoods
    14 years ago

    Hi Erin - glad you're coming! I would love some worms, but I really don't know if I have anything (not already spoken for) that you'd want. Maybe you can stroll down to my table - I'll be the frazzled one with the big dog - and look through my "mis-count" stash!


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