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NEW: 'Animal Planet'

13 years ago

I'm itching for another round robin swap! This is a theme that Incredible Edibles was tossing around but just couldn't fit into the schedule this year. This swap will be open to all edibles & flowers. If we get five to sign up it'll be a go! As the theme suggests these will be seeds named after animals. So bring on your Mammoth Sunflowers, Bee Balm, Tiger Lilies, Canary Yellow Zinnias, Red Spider Zinnias, Cardinal Flower, Ladybug tomatoes, Goat's Horn Peppers, Tigger Melons, Rattlesnake Beans, Elephant Head Amaranth, Catnip, etc. I think once you get started with this it'll be a lot of fun & you'll see there's a wide range of seeds to pick from.

The rules:

- Sign ups will go until July 11.

- Seeds are to received by me no later than July 26.

- The maximum number of seeds packets to send in is 30 (extras are always welcomed).

- Miminum of 12 seeds per packet (tiny seeds should have a 1/4 teaspoon of seeds)

- All seeds should be from 2009 or 2010.

- No more than 3 of any one variety. (Who wants 10 packets of Mammmoth melting snow peas anyway)

- Seeds must be named after animals (mythological or extinct are fine) or insects (ladybugs, fireflies, spiders (yeah I know their not an insect. I think you get the point though)) etc.

- SASBE required so you can get your seeds back

- Seeds to be sent back by August 5th (my birthday!)

Sound like fun? Good! Then why are you hesitating to sign up?

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