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WANTED: Haves and Wants for Galveston Co Plant Swap

15 years ago

Our plant swap is May 12 and just around the corner. It's time to start thinking on what we want and what we have to bring. This year along with all the additional fun items in store for you we will be having a special table set up for those who may have questions about their plants. Lots of free literature will be available to. Manning the table will be experience Master Gardeners. So please be sure and bring all of your questions to the swap and put these MG to work.

Be sure and check out our pictures from our last fall swap. TALK ABOUT FUN AND PLANTS!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Galveston County Plant Swap

Comments (23)

  • LaurelLily
    15 years ago

    I want caterpillar host plants, please! : ) I have milkweed and parsley, am trying dill and fennel, but would love to grow anything else that caterpillars love to eat. Please contact me to arrange a trade if you have any caterpillar host plants. : )

    I will start getting my plants ready now--I know I'll have lots of angel's trumpets, and I'm sure there's plenty of other stuff I can dig up.

  • sunny43
    Original Author
    15 years ago

    Hi laurellily I know there will be plenty of caterpillar host plants there. I am going to try and get our have/want page started on our web site this week. As you get your list together I will add it to.

  • angie83
    15 years ago

    Hi hope to go again it was fun.

    Purple Wandering Jew
    Lemon guava
    Mexican Flame Vine
    Simple love Hibiscus
    Blacked Eyed Susies (sm)
    Purple Moonflowers (sm)
    lemon,tangerine seedling

    I hope to have these rooted cuttings:
    Pandoras Vine
    Jasmine Vine
    And hope to bring more :

    Any Butterfly Hummingbird plants:
    Host plants
    Milkweed any but (asclepias tuberosa) I have alot of this kind
    any necter plants

  • bossjim1
    15 years ago

    Here's what I have so far. I will add to this as plants root!

    Divisions and dug seedlings are pretty big. Cuttings are small, but well rooted. Started seedlings are small.
    Australian Sword Fern
    Coreopsis Early Sunrise
    Arabian Lilac
    Flowering Almond
    Mini Roses Red and Pink
    Lantana Texas Flame
    Lantana Irene
    White Cat Whiskers
    Purple Butterfly Bush
    Ruellia Blue Shade (ground cover)
    Ruellia Dwarf Mex. Petunias Pink or Purple
    Russelia Coral Fountain
    Gaura Siskiyou Pink
    Four O'clocks Pink
    Four O'clocks Limelight, is also pink
    Koreana Pink (tall pink daisy)
    Whippoorwill (pink cushion)
    Yellow Daisy
    High Regards (red cushion)
    Blizzard (white daisy)
    Tenderness (tall pink double daisy)
    Grandeur (yellow cushion)
    Verbena pink, red, peach, and lavender star
    Sedum white or pink
    Bird's nest sanseveria
    Night Blooming Cerius
    Red Bird Cactus
    Red Hot Poker
    Morning Glory Tree
    Agastache Apricot Sprite
    Eyeball Plant
    Mealy Cup Salvia
    Salvia Mystic Spires Blue
    Salvia Miniata
    Salvia Coral Nymph
    Salvia Forrest Fire Red
    Salvia Hot Lips
    Salvia Black and Blue
    Creeping Daisy (Wedelia)
    Sweet Mace (Spanish Tarragoa)
    Cuphea Starfire
    Mexican Bush Honeysuckle
    Clerodendrum Bungii
    Mona Lavender
    Blue Sky Vine
    Bower Vine Southern Belle
    Spanish Flag vine
    Blue Pea vine
    Coral Honeysuckle
    Chalice vine
    White Bleeding Heart vine
    Althea Double White
    Althea Double Purple

    Purple Cat Whiskers
    Pink Trumpet vine
    Clock vine "Blue Boy"
    Calloway Ginger
    Honeysuckle Fuchsia
    Violet Trumpet vine
    Orange Clock vine
    Glory Flower (Princess Flower)
    Sweet Almond bush
    Red Spider Lilies
    Chocolate plant
    Yellow Rain Lilies

  • bossjim1
    15 years ago

    I also want day-lilies, re-bloomers preferred.

  • pepa
    15 years ago

    This is what I have potted so far, also take a look at my seed list, web pg (listed on my member pg) and see if there is anything you want, I'll do my best to get it ready for the swap. Thanks
    Orange dragon/Ruttya to Solanum
    Grand duke jasmine/very double
    cherokee bean
    pink justicia
    Cassia (host plant for sulfer butterfly)
    chinese loquat
    red orchid/B galpinii
    cape honeysuckle
    bulbs available:
    Red pinecone ginger
    elephant ears
    Red garden amaryllis
    pink rain lily
    pink 4 o'clock
    yellow 4 o'clock
    yellow daylily

    I am interested in night blooming jasmine
    bulbs such as iris, amaryllis and others, weeping bottlebrush, cestrum yellow or white, red anise, red cape honeysuckle, sandpaper vine, white sage, red porter weed, will swap for other plants too. Thanks, look forward to seeing everyone

  • sunny43
    Original Author
    15 years ago

    Don't forget to check our list on our web site. It keeps growing.

  • dena_tx
    15 years ago


    Milkweed A. currsivasa (host  Monarch and Queen)
    Blue Mist flower(Eupatorium greggii)(Queen favorite nectar)
    Mexican flame vine
    Texas Sage (Salvia cocinea)
    Mexican Bush Sage (Salvia Leucantha)
    Turk's cap (Malvaviscus arboreus)
    Cigar Plant (Cyphea ignea)
    purple porterweed (cuttings  limited trades)
    Passion Flower Vine (Lavender lady P. Alto) limited trades (host - Gulf & Variegated Fritillary)
    Passion Flower Vine (blue Boquet(host-Gulf & Variegated Fritillary)
    Passion Flower Vine (p. incarnata) (host-Gulf & Variegated Fritillary)
    Passiflora caerulea Blue Passion Flower (host-Gulf Fritillary)
    Copper Canyon Daisy (tagetes lemonii cutting currently rooting)
    Australian Violet
    Salvia Sineloensis
    Chandelier plant (Bryophyllum tubiflorum Harvey)
    Lizard's Tail
    Cape Honeysuckle (orange)
    Shrimp Plant (bronze)
    Inland Sea Oats
    Bog Salvia (Lamvaceae salvia unginosa)
    Mexican Petunia (Ruellia brittoniana)
    Coconut Geranium (Pelargonium grossularioides
    Crocosmia (dark orange)
    Gingers (peach, white butterfly and a few unidentified gingers)
    Texas frogfruit (Phyla nodiflora)(Host- Phaon Crescent, White Peacock, Common Buckeye)
    White Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)
    Candlesticks (Cassia alata, Host-Orange-barred Sulphur, Cloudless Sulphur)
    brazilian bachelor buttons(Centratherum intermedium)
    chocolate mint
    rain lilies (pink, yellow and white)
    Black Eye Susan Rudbeckia hirta
    maidenhair fern
    Gulf muhly grass
    Red Flame Acanthus (Anisacanthus Wrightii) (special trade only)
    Mexican Heather
    Bee Balm (Monarda) Jacob's Cline
    Pinneapple Sage
    Silver Squill, Violet Squill
    Mexican Plum Tree
    Gulf Coast Penstamon
    Philippine Lily
    Cowpen Daisy (Host to bordered patch butterfly
    Aristolochia tomentosa (Special Trade only)(Host-Pipevine Swallowtail
    Salvia mexicana "Lollie Jackson" (Special Trade only)
    Bat Face Cuphea
    Variegated Turks Cap (Special Trade only)
    Salvia miniata
    Blue Bunny Cuphea
    Redbird Cactus
    DutchmanÂs Pipevine Aristolochia elegan (Special Trade only Host - Polydamus Swallowtail,)


    Butterfly Host or nectar Plants and Texas Natives

    Verbena bonariensis
    Eupatorium fistulosum Joe Pye Weed
    Giant Batface Cuphea
    Mexican Orchid Tree (Bauhinia Mexicana)
    Rain Lilies (Any I don't have)
    New Jersey Tea (Ceanothus americanus)
    Swan Flower (Aristolochia erecta)
    Fountain butterfly bush (Buddleia alternifolia)
    Palafoxia, Texas
    Dyschoriste uniflora Creeping Snake Herb
    Jatropha integerrima compact Dwarf Jatropha
    Poliomintha longiflora Mexican Oregano
    Ruellia elegans ÂRio Red Rio Red Ruellia
    Lycoris aurea (yellow hurricane lily)
    Cassia Coryombosa

  • angie83
    15 years ago

    Wow dena how long it take you to have such a great butterfly garden.I hope to bring some button bushs to trade let me know if ya dont have one.

  • dena_tx
    15 years ago

    I've been butterfly gardening for 6 years now and believe it or not I'm still buying new plants. I bought false nettle this year to try to attract red admirals to my garden. I don't have a button bush yet. I've considered it several times. I'm not sure it will survive in my garden, since I don't ever water! But I would love to give it a try. Have you had it long?

  • angie83
    15 years ago

    I think the button bush will do fine here I got 2 cuttings from a friend and both took but hers is in blazing sun by her house were the ac drips .I might have mine in to much sun it was wilting today and its is still young ,(not many roots yet)but ill get some cuttings started for ya my friend has a big tree.I think the button bush is a tuffy they seem to do well almost anywhere.

  • dena_tx
    15 years ago


    Which plants on my list were you interseted in?

  • angie83
    15 years ago

    Dena what is a gulfcoast penstamon is that a pinifolius I have the yellow but would love the orange.Ill save ya a buttonbush .

  • dena_tx
    15 years ago

    It's scientific name is Penstemon tenuis. They are beautiful right now. They bloom in early spring with the blue bonnets. See the attached link and get back to me.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Gulf Coast Penstemon

  • angie83
    15 years ago

    Wow thats pretty never seen them before .Save me one.

  • honeybunny2 Fox
    15 years ago

    Dena Tx, if you do not get a special trade for the dutchmans pipevine, I would be willing to trade a red-leaf giant crinium, or a voodoo lily for it. I would have to trade by mail. Barbra,

  • BlueBonnet46
    15 years ago

    Hello everyone, Here is my updated list for the swap:

    Pink Turks Cap -10
    Red Yurks Cap -1
    Mexican Heather - 3 or 4
    Purple Fountain Grass - 2
    Yellow/Orange Brugmansia - 2 or 3
    Yellow/Pink Brugmansia - 2 or 3
    Yellow Iris (will dig if anyone wants them)
    Yellow/Orange Bulbine (will dig if anyone wants them)
    Confederate Hibiscus - Cuttings only if someone wants them
    Cape Honeysuckle - Coral - 3 (Special trades only)
    Variegated Magig Lantern Abutilon (cuttings only) (Special Trade only)
    Magic Lantern Abutilon (cuttings only) (Special Trade only)
    Double Purple Althea Hibiscus (Cuttings only)
    Texas Sage - 2 (rooted & potted) Special trade only or make me an offer
    I can try to have some of the cutting offers rooted by the time of the swap but I am rappidly running out of time. I am going to try to take cuttings & start them this coming Monday so may not be rooted by the time of the swap.
    1 Book by: Better Homes & Gardens: Roses, The Gardner's Collection
    1 Book by: Better Homes & Gardens: Annuals
    1 Book by: Lawn & Garden: Gardening to Attract Birds & Butterflies
    1 Book by: Lawn & Garden: Landscape Gardening
    1 Book by: Ortho : All About Annuals
    1 Book by: Ortho: Color With Annuals
    1 Book by: Ortho: All About Water Gardening
    1 Boob by: Ortho: All About Garden Pools & Fountains
    1 Book by: David Squire: Herbaceous Perennials (Pocket Gardening Guide)
    Elephant Ears (Any but the typical large green ones)
    Plain Orange Bulbine NOT the yellow/orange
    Lady Baltimore Hibiscus
    Lord Baltimore Hibiscus
    Heartleaf Hibiscus
    Ornamental Grasses - any but the purple fountain grass or lemon grass as I have these
    Purple Iris
    Pineapple sage
    Tempt me as I like unusual plants & variegated plants

  • bossjim1
    15 years ago

    Here are some updates to my HAVE list
    Agastache Apricot Sprite-Gone
    Eyeball Plant-Gone
    Sweet Mase-Gone

    Here are some additions to the HAVE list:
    Wood Fern
    Verbena Bonariensis
    Firespike red
    Tall Cigar plant (Cuphea micropetala-I think)
    Cleome seedlings;
    Violet Queen
    Pink Queen
    Cherry Queen
    Helen Campbell White

    Also the purple butterfly bush on the list is 'Black Knight'.

  • bossjim1
    15 years ago

    Also HAVE Mona Lavender.

  • pepa
    15 years ago

    I would like to add this potted plants to my list.
    flowering quince
    pineapple sage
    flame acanthus
    blue sage
    red castor bean
    bright pink spirea
    brazilian rockrose
    salvia hot lips
    orange crossandra /Crossandra infundibuliformis
    Mexican fire plant
    Orchid vine /Bauhinia corymbosa (special trade)
    Mexican flame vine
    red ruellia
    pink coral vine

  • beachplant
    15 years ago

    Add roses, I have 5 knockout-pink and red ones, climbing Don Juan, Barbara Bush and a bunch of others!
    Tally HO!

  • piksi_hk
    15 years ago

    I'm planning on attend with my SIL (her first time). Here's a list of some of the plants we are bringing:

    verbena bonariensis - volunteers
    melampodium -volunteers
    winter jasmine - division
    Maid of Orleans - rooted cutting
    blue flag? iris
    donkey's ear - seedlings
    spiderworts - pink seedlings
    couple of houseplants
    Chinese winter melons
    jewels of opar - seedlings
    obedient plant - lavender volunteers
    lantana - pink/white/yellow camara?

    Betsy and Nita

  • sunny43
    Original Author
    15 years ago

    Be sure and check out the rest of the haves and wants on our web site.

    Here is a link that might be useful: have and wants Galveston County Swap