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WANTED: 3rd annual wny plant swap at garden_frog's (albion, ny)

16 years ago

Ok folks, it's that time of year again so I am getting started on planning our plant swap!! Boy am I excited! I can't believe it'll be our 3rd year! I am really looking forward to seeing all the old faces as well as some new ones!!!

Here's the details:

Date: I am thinking June 3rd or 4th...please post or email me with your preferences.

What to expect: This is a very fun, casual swap. We welcome anyone, including beginner gardeners who may not have any plants to offer. Usually by the end of the swap, people are begging others to take plants from them! :) We trade all sorts of gardening items including, perennials, annuals, veggies, herbs, seeds, shrubs, trees (usually little ones), and even occasionally gardening books/tools, etc. So please come prepared to have fun and remember everyone was a beginner gardener at one time!

We typically have the swap, followed by a pot luck lunch where everyone chats and hangs out, and a Chinese gift exchange (totally optional). I'll post more details about what to bring, etc. when we get closer to the date.

Location: Albion, NY (I'll send the directions, and address via email to all people attending closer to the date)

What to do if you want to attend? Simple! Just post here and/or email me. As we get closer to the date I will send directions and details to everyone who attended the last two years as well as to everyone who emails me that they are interested in attending this year. I won't be posting my address on Garden Web so if you haven't attended previously and I don't have your email address (or if your email has changed), be sure to email me (by clicking on my name above) so I can add you to the list of attendees!

As I said before, more details to follow!


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