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Which plant to choose? Lychee, Sugar Apple, Goji, DF...

13 years ago

I'm planning on buying a new plant closer to fruit-bearing age, but having trouble deciding which one.

Here are some I am considering:

Lychee (Brewster or Emperor?- I don't know the variety I've

tried before)

Sugar Apple

Goji Fruit

Dragon Fruit

The last three I've never tried. I've read differing opitions on websites.

So I am not sure taste-wise which is better. Also which ones will grow well with my set up.

My set up is a homemade greenhouse: clear mildew resistant shower curtain on frame with vaporizer/warm humidifier inside and a 6500K Grow bulb/lamp shining directly in- some window sun, but its not facing the right direction. Apt so I don't have much choice.

The plants I already have are:

Miracle fruit (2 yr old cutting ~ 15 inches), Starfruit (seedlings and one young plant), coco plum (young plant), Dragon fruit (2 very young slow growing seedlings) and pepino (young plant)

No fruit or starts of fruit on any of them yet.

Thanks for any suggestions/help!


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