Do I Need to Plant New Tomato Plant Every Year?

9 years ago

Before I posted this I did research but became more confused about this topic.

See, I planted some a Japanese Tomato plant called a Momotaro last year from a starter plant I got a Japanese store. It grew fine and big, had plenty of tomatoes too. Well, now that Spring is here and it survived winter it is producing tomatoes again but they are small. Very small, much smaller than they were last year. They ripen into red tomatoes that are the size of a ping pong ball at best.

I am wondering why the tomatoes are so small. Is it because it's not "season" and the flowers that grew on the tomato were produced during the "cold" season and now that it is early Spring it's too early for a good crop or is it because the plant is a year old and tomatoes should be replanted every year?

Reason I question if that is the reason is, I research and read that people are always saying that you need to plant new tomatoes every year because if you don't the frost will kill the plant so you need to replant. But here is the thing, in the greater Los Angeles area we do experience frosts at times but not often and this Winter I don't recall one frost at all, it's been a warm winter. So my plant was not killed by frost, it flowered during Winter and those flowers fruited but into small tomatoes.

So should I pull the plant out now and plant a new one since it's that time of year again or will the new crop fruit big tomatoes since it's even warmer now than the previous few months? Should I chance it and see if it does so or should I pull the plant and replant as to not chance the tomatoes being small again and waste all this time while I could have planted a new plant and harvest bigger tomatoes later on.

I see plenty of questions about should one plant every year rather than keep the plant but I have not seen anyone ask about this from warm weather places like So Cal. I can understand if one lives in Michigan, yes yank the plant and plant a new one because it freezes up there but where I am there is no such things as freezing. We can grow just about anything except for coconut trees and Durian and a few other things.



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