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WANTED: How to Put Together a Dallas Swap

13 years ago

You betcha there are enough Dallas gardeners for a swap!

The problem always has been in the engineering:

The FW site was chosen for its easy access to people from widely-scattered areas & for its free parking, play areas for the kids, & the nearness of such attractions as the Botanical Gardens, zoo, museums, Omni theater, etc.

When we've attempted Dallas swaps in the past, we've run into problems such as congested traffic & high parking & site usage fees.

If you can locate an easy-to-find place where people can park close to the gazebo or pavilion (easier to cart our plants around!), I think a Dallas swap would be wonderful!

Somewhere, either here on this forum or maybe in my documents, I have something like "How to Have a Plant Swap".

If I can find it, I'll post it here!

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