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Just ordered my mango trees!

11 years ago

Just ordered 12 mango trees! I think I've lost my mind! After reading and rereading posts here I decided that I really can't make an educated guess until I have tried the different species. Also just because it grows or tastes great in Florida doesn't mean it will in Southern California. So I decided to buy a bunch, grow them to fruiting size and then decide which ones to keep. I figure I can sell my least favorite ones on Craig's List. So today I ordered:

7 gallon Maha Chanook - tastes great?

3 gallon NDM

3 gallon Lemon Zest

3 gallon Pickering- dwarf

7 gallon Edward

7 gallon Rosigold - early season

7 gallon Valencia Pride - grows fast in SoCal

3 gallon Dot

3 gallon Southern Blush - Beautiful fruit

3 gallon Cogshell

7 gallon Ice Cream - dwarf supposedly thrives in SoCal

7 gallon Kent

I'll post pictures when they get here. I'm looking forward to growing and trying these delicious trees.


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