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Update...Back from the Brink of Death

14 years ago

Here's an update from my Mango trees slowly coming back from the brink of death from the freeze...with the exception of my one Cogshall(fared very well considering).

Keitt Mango

My other cogshall


My Bigger Cogshall(taken 10 days ago)sad to say most of the blooms are dying w/out much fruits forming. I'm lucky to get a few?

Container Glenn. Only one bloom spike this year. I trimmed it very late last year and also repotted to a 24" pot. Might be why it didn't bloom much this year.

Happy to say even my "stick" Sweetheart and Sweet Cliff has a couple of new growths. Sweetheart has a couple of "tiny" growths coming from about an inch or two from the trunk! Hope it continues to grow?

My winner for this Fejoia(Pineapple Guava) it is loaded with buds this year!They apparently love freezing temperatures and rain.


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