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UPDATE: Houseplants/Tropicals/Annuals - 1 more day to sign up!!

14 years ago

The swap details...

The theme for this month's swap will be Houseplants/Tropicals/Annuals!! These may be in the form of plants, cuttings, bulbs, tubers. (Keep in mind that some people's perennials may be considered annuals/tropicals to us northern folk. :-)

Also as a part of this swap, I would really like to encourage all of the members out there who haven't tried trading plants yet because they are too nervous or worried to try it. I am in a swap this month where we were all asked when we joined Garden Web and how we found the Round Robin forum. Almost everyone said that they started out on GW just reading the forums and then started trading with seeds. Mostly everyone waited a looooong time to start trading plants because they were too scared to try it. We have all been there, but there's no better time than the present to jump in and try it out. It's easier than you think, trust us!! We will help you out and answer any questions you may have about how to package everything and how to send it. You get a lot of great plants for cheap, and you will also get to meet some great people here!! I for one waited a year before I started trading plants. I was convinced that I would do it all wrong, the plants would all be DOA, and everyone would end up hating me! LOL So as a part of this swap, I will try to include some tips of the new traders along with other activities to keep this fun.

The fine print...

1. Sign up and post lists between now and June 1st.

2. Include a list of the plants that you want AND a list of the plants that you have to trade for this swap. You could also refer to your lists on your trade page if those are up to date. I WILL be using these lists to match partners so please make sure you include your most up to date lists. For this swap, I would like to limit it to sending plants only. (But, of course, you and your partner can agree to send whatever you want to each other...but you both have to agree on a fair trade).

3. I will post swap partners sometime during the first week of June. Again I WILL try to match partners as best I can based on their trade list provided.

4. All packages need to arrive at their new homes by June 30th. (That means they should leave your house no later than the 27th, by Priority Mail) Please post when you send and receive.

5. and, most importantly....HAVE FUN!!!!

Who's in so far?

In for sure...

Barb (rosepedal) - Haves list posted

Norma (bigmama4ever) - Lists posted

Regina (ladygreensleeves) - Lists posted

Chell (chellflower) - Lists posted

Dawn (dtm1966) - Lists posted

Mariann (galium) - Lists posted

Dee (gardendee) - Lists posted

Heather (divahethr) - Lists posted

Amy (dieg01991) - Lists posted

Getting ready to cave/May be...

Frances (fcoffill)

Melissa (hazelnutbunny) - Lists posted

Here is a list everyone's lists so far. Please let me know if forgot anything or if there's anything you want to add. (I only listed the swapers who are in for sure here)

Barb (rosepedal)


Horizon orange ice ger.

Victoria princess plumie Seedling nice size with leaves...This is the mother or father???

Budda belly seedling

Penta dark pink seedling flowering pretty

Cherub brug seedling mother father unknown

Lillium Formosa seedling will bloom this year supposedly

Spearmint mint

Freckles coleus

Purple crinium

Green crinium

Ger tornando orchid

Black velvet appleblossom ger

Cuttings can only do one woody Patchouli oil nice size cutting

Chocolate mint scented geranium 1 cutting

Alabama sunset coleus maybe two

Aristo lilac regal ger maybe two cuttings

Angel wing begonia cutting

Variegated fair ellen scented ger

Coleo coleus

aloe chunk/cutting gets huge from my dads yard in california

Norma (bigmama4ever)


arrow heads

unknown bulbs (have purple flowers)







clivia rooted

white canna


bonnie spider plant

smoke bush

and some succulants


not lookin for much

any bananas

tropical stuff

pond stuff



Regina (ladygreensleeves)

Spider plants- verigated and green

Devils pothos-verigated

Episcia-little plantlets roots easily ask Barb

Jade-a vining potted houseplant-cuttings roots easily

Zigos-white and red (Christmas cactus)-cutting

Zigo-hot pick (Sunrise cactus)-cutting

cuban oragano-verigated and green

Frittonia-'Pink Star'-cuttings

Pilea-'Moon Valley'-cuttings

Hoya's- I have many,will trade for other Hoya's

Rabbitfoot Fern-cuttings(several'feet')to get u started


coleus-I have several kinds



Jade-This is the succulent tree type

Geraniums-1 rose scented cutting and 1 noid cutting I can only give one cutting each of these.But still willing to share.


Skyvine-cuttings-trying to root some now

Lady margaret Passion vine-cutting

Jasmines-2 kinds-rooted


Schefflera-small baby tree

Silver shield cockspur-cuttings

Banana pup-Dwarf cavish-has red down mid leaf


Mandevilla-Malay rubber vine-young babies from seed


Cherry Jubilee-rooted cuttings

Purple potatoe vine-rooted

Elephant ears

Ti-Red Sister-cuttings

Song-of-India 'Dracaena'-rooted


Carrion plant-rooted

Rhipsalis-have 5

Desert Rose-noid babies

Jade E.T.'s fingers-succulent

Crassula clavata-succulent

Gladiolus bulbs 10 bulbs mixed fringe

passion fruit-cutting

For my wish list I'm really easy to please.....honest! I have been looking for:

Hoya's...did I mention it's an obsession


Goldfish plant



mockingbird repellant



houseplants I don't

any plant that can go in a pond

and Hoya's

Chell (chellflower)



Snake Plant-rooted division

Variegated Spider Plant-rooted

Green Butterfly (Nepthytis)-rooted

Purple Jew-cuttings

Kalancho Blossfeldiana-cuttings

Pepperomia-leaf cuttings

Mass Cane/Corn Plant-division

Canna-Purple Leaf -pup

Philo Erubescens ('Blushing')-cutting

Norfolk Island Pine (appx. 10" sapling)

Phalaenopsis/Moth Orchid

Mandarin Plant- Babies


Black Eyed Susan Vine

Texas Bluebonnets

Coleus (Rainbow Mix, Sedona)

Celosia 'Flamingo Feather'

Hollyhock mix (biennial)

Angelica Gigus (biennial)

Love in a Mist 'Ms. Hyde'

Convolulous Morning Glory

Queen Anne's Lace

Tobacco 'Virginia Gold'

Nasturtiums (Alaska, Caribbean Cocktail, Dwf. Cherry Rose, Empress of India, Jewel mix, Lipstick, Papaya Cream, Vesuvius)

Perennials: (these are young plants/saplings)

Anise Hyssop -blue

Lupine 'Russell mix'

Lupine 'Tutti Frutti'

Butterfly Bush 'Black Knight'

Castor Bean 'Red Camencita'

Columbines (Black Barlow, red/white/purple, burgundy, Blue Star, Harlequin, Pink/purple)

Desert Willow- purple

Honey Ball Bush

Joe Pye Weed

Hosta babies (Frances Williams, Bold Ribbons, Witches Brew, Niagara Falls)

Money Plant 'Purple Honesty'

Butterfly weed (white, Orange Glory)

Milkweed (Orange, yellow, scarlet, red/yellow)

Spirea shrub 'Blue Mist'

Bleeding Heart-Pink

Blackberry Lily

Hardy Hibiscus (white/pink, mauve/pink)

Wants (I know most of these are unlikely, but I'll be thrilled to get just a few from this list):

Alocasia/Colocasia (any giant/upright/unusual)

Begonias- esp. named


Calla Lilly (esp.Black Forest,Edge of Night,

Millenium Gold, White Giant)

Canna (Nirvana,Striped Beauty/Minerva,Thai One On,Tropicanna Black,Valentine)


Fruit (fig, loganberry, meyor lemon, etc)

Gaillardia 'burgundy' (for son)

Geraniums-esp. named

Gingers/heliconia (have var. shell)


Hummingbird vine/Scarlet Wisteria (Sesbania grandiflora)


Jade Vine ((Mucuna...any color)


Philodendrons (that I don't have)

Pond Plants (Dwf. cattails, water lillies)

Swiss Cheese/Monstera

Ti/Good Luck Plant (green or red)

Dawn (dtm1966)

My haves

Hoyas multiple kinds

Lipstick plant (2 kinds)

Goldfish plant


Ivys (green and variegated)

Canna lilly

Pentas (hot pink)

Crinums (light pink)

Epiphyllums (day and night blooming kinds)

Pereskia grandiflora


Jewel of opar

Variegated ginger


Not picky

Not really into annuals and trees (Texas burns up annuals and my yard is too small for trees)

Like perennials and vines

Love anything unusual

Like African violets and orchids as well

Mariann (galium)



Epipremnum a.'Aureum'-Pothos, Devil's Ivy (green and yellow)

Epipremnum a.'Marbel Queen'-Pothos (green and white)

Hoya species

Peniocereus greggii-Night Blooming Cereus

Philodendron scandens micans-1' long stem for serpentine propagation.


Aloe 'Pink Blush'

Kalanchoe-Kind of fuzzy

Hypoestes 'Red Splash'-Polka Dot Plant (small)

Hypoestes 'White Splash'-Polka Dot Plant (small)

Nephrolepis exaltata 'Green Fantasy'-Fern (small)

Jasminium nitidum-Star Jasmine (rooted cutting)

What I'm looking for:


Begonias Angel Wing

Begonias Dragon Wing

Begonias noted for their foliage

Anything that does well in low light areas

Dee (gardendee)

My HAVE list:

White butterfly bush

Ananas nanus (miniature pineapple)

Zebrina Rojo banana

Dwarf Picasso canna

Plumeria cuttings (white, yellow, pink, and red)

Frosty Pink brugs

Mixed dwarf cannas

Billbergia Pyramidilis (bromeliad)

Red ti plants and cuttings

Variegated gardenia

Variegated hydrangea

White butterfly gingers

Double/triple orange daylilies

South African aloes (amazing orange flowers similar to red hot poker's)

Kalanchoe (double white, orange, pink)

Variegated spider plant

Green spider plant

Chartuese potato vine cuttings

Green Ivy

Purple Wandering Jew (2 Kinds- solid purple and purple with white edge)

Small Anthurium

Double white Datura seedlings

Oakleaf hydrangea seedlings

Calamondin seedlings

Purple Canna Indica

Green Canna Indica

Mammoth green colocasia

Colocasia "Illustris"

Edible Asian Taro

Purple Ruellia

Tall green gardenia

Purple Coneflower seedlings

Lots of lemon balm

Seven Sisters' roses rooted and cuttings

Red Cascade rose rooted and cuttings

Louis Phillipe rooted and cuttings

Mixed Coleus

NOID hosta seedlings

Lemon grass

Red amaryllis

Variegated hibiscus cuttings

NOID tillandsia

Queen's tears bromeliad

NOID bromeliad

Southern oak seedlings

Left over mixed balsam seedlings

Left over cherry tomatoes and other heirloom tomatoes (seedlings)

Canna tropicana

Bengal canna

Scarlet Buckeye seedlings

Texas buckeye seedlings

Variegated shell ginger

Small pink crinum bulbs

My WANT list:

Any bananas except for zebrina rojo, basjoo, plantain, saba, and ice cream (really want dwarf orinoco, ladyfingers and apple banana but will appreciate any that I do not have)

Butterfly bush (pink and purple)

Butterfly weed (anything aside from orange)

Huskers' red pestemon

Russian sage

Joan Senior daylily

Shasta Crazy Daisy

Double or shredded brugmansias

Crinum "Sangria" or "Queen Emma"

Upright sedums with unusual foliage

Losts of hens and chicks for a topiary project

Crocosmia (yellows and reds)

Perennial salvias (I have May Night and Blue Bedder)

Coneflowers (any color other than pink and purple)

Rudbeckia "Goldsturm"

Anything that will attract the wildlife into my yard in the burbs in zone 8B

Please see my list for some more WANTs if you are feeling generous

Heather (divahethr)


city of portland canna

dwarf pink canna grown from seed

velvet wizard cutting rooting

sedona coleus rooting

no id pastel green coleus from seeds

mexican fan palms

red ridinghood mandavilla

no id mandavilla

red banana no id pup rooting

wyoming canna

red king humbert canna

aaron calladium bulbs

white calla lily bulbs

hymenocallis advance bulb

white bird of paradise

hesperaloe parviflora red false yucca division

meyer lemon seedlings

bromeliad pups

variegated bromeliad pup

arabian vitex purpurea cuttings

opuntia cactus

pencil cactus cutting

aralia balfour

pink kallanchoe

night blooming cereus

thanksgiving cactus



ice plant rooted cuttings


not picky anything I don't already have is cool

sago palm pup

new zealand flax grass

Amy (dige01991)



Plants or rooted cuttings:

Arrow vine

Asparagus Fern

Bloodleaf Variegated 'Iresine herbstii'

Chinese Evergreen (solid green leaves)

Chinese Evergreen, Painted Drop-Tongue

Christmas cactus (hot pink and white flowers)

Christmas cactus (solid hot pink flowers)

Cuban oregano (variegated)

Magenta Dracaena

Euphorbia trigona

Graptopetalum pentandrum superbum (succulent)

Ivy (large green leaf)

Ivy (small green leaf)

Jade Plant (green)

Kalanchoe (Mother of Thousands - red flowers)

Oyster Plant (Tradescantia spathacea)

Pathos (green)

Pathos (golden)

Pathos (variegated)

Peperomia species (NOID)

Polka Dot Plant

Pregnant onion

Purple Queen

Spider Plant (green)

Spider Plant (variegated - white center w/green mottling)

Succulent NOID (purple-ish green with white hair) - picture coming soon

Swedish Ivy

Yucca NOID (grown from seeds I collected in Las Vegas a few years back)

Wandering jew (purple & silver)

Wandering jew (green)

***Unrooted cuttings:

Aeonium zwartkop

African Violet (purple)

Aloe Vera (pup)

African Violet (white, pink

aloe Zanzibar


Goldfish plant orange flowers

Heart leaf philodendron

Ivy (small golden variegated leaf)

Ivy (small variegated leaf)

Lipstick plant (red flowers)

***ANNUALS/TROPICALS (all cuttings for now):

Fuchsia 'Shadow Dancer Betty"

Star Jasmine


Canna lily (green leaf w/red flowers)

Canna lily (burgundy leaf w/red flowers)



Anything variegated (that I don't already have)



Cast iron plant

Croton Banana Codiaeum

Croton "Lauren's Rainbow"

Croton "Gold Star"

Elephant bush

Epiphyllum (any)

Foxtail Fern 'Meyersii' (Asparagus densiflorus)

Guppy plant

Hoya (any)

Lipstick plant (orange flowers)

Orchids (any)

Orchid cactus

Philodendron 'Pink Princess'

Pitcher plant

Rhipsalis (any)

Rosary Vine

Schefflera "Madam de somet"

Silver Squill, Violet Squill (Ledebouria socialis)

Spider (the one with curly leaves)

Succulents (especially purple, variegated or other non-green ones)

Venus Fly Trap

Wax Plant

Zebra plant


angel wing begonia

Aeoniums any (I only have Zwartzkop)


Begonia 'Fireworks'

Brugmansia (any type)

Calathea 'Medallion'

Dragon wing begonia

Rex begonia

Shell Plant


Black elephant ear

Cannas (any I don't already have)

Dahlia's (any I don't already have)

Stargazer Lilies

Comments (64)

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hi Swapers!
    I sent each of you an email too but I wanted to post this on the forum...

    I wanted to confirm with each of you that you are still planning to participate in this swap. Most of you have been actively posting on the forum, but some haven't been very active. So, before I spend time reviewing everyone's lists and matching up partners, I would like to get confirmation from each of you. You can either email me back or post on this forum. Please respond back to me by this time tomorrow night.

    Thanks!! Can't wait for partners, there are some great lists here!!!

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    by the way, here is the latest list of participants...

    Barb (rosepedal)
    Norma (bigmama4ever)
    Regina (ladygreensleeves)
    Chell (chellflower)
    Dawn (dtm1966)
    Mariann (galium)
    Dee (gardendee)
    Heather (divahethr)
    Joyce (creek_mom)

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    YEAH, Heather is hosting the next one!!! Can't wait! Norma, I LOVE your succulents and cactus that you sent me!!! Our theme always include tropicals for sure, I LOVE them too!! Woohoo!! Mariann, I need to get that book! I am going to look it up to see if I can get a copy. I have a small book about propagation and I used that when I first started to get into it. It has mostly the common houseplants. I would love to have one like yours!! Frances, sorry to hear about your camera. I'm sure that you will grow to love your new one. Glad to hear you're ok! Barb, I don't remember seeing the buddah belly on your list when I got to pick. I would love to have one of those!!!! I forgot to let you all know that I'm out of town (again) this weekend. We have wireless at our hotel so I was able to check in quick. We are in Lutsen, MN for yet another wedding. It's cold and rainy here, not very nice for an outdoor wedding. When I packed my clothes for the weekend, it was 95 where I live so I packed light clothes, nothing warm. I am going to freeze at this wedding!!! I keep seeing a really pretty flower in the ditch here I've never seen before. It's got a purple flower spike (I saw some white and pink ones too). My hubby picked one for me this morning and the individual flowers look like little shrimp. I think I'm going to dig one up and bring it home. I'm worried it's very invasive but I figure I'd get the id first and then if it's bad, I will just rip it out. Look out...Crazy lady in the ditch digging up plants!! I wish I had a shovel. :-) Have a great weekend everyone, I'll check in again tomorrow when we get home. I am in for the next swap for sure, I will post over there next. Can't wait!!!! Amy
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    UPDATE: Houseplants/Tropicals/Annuals - partners


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    Goodmorning all your tropical nuts! (I mean that kindly hahah) Regina you have a lot of babies there...I think I have my first plumie seedling not sure though the tag was lost...I have only been trying since last winter..hahah Thanks Mariann Those are some great prices...I hope you and hubby stay high and dry! I will be thinking of you..Please check in so we know you are alright :) Amy those tornadoes missed you shooo...That was some bad damage on the news this morning....Dee sends wonderful stuff..I have her gardenia she sent me last year... Frances bodaius pics..I cant wait for the daylilies...I can enjoy your beutiful flowers..:) Eye candy for sure! Ruh roh computer woes...Get it fixed so we dont miss you...Did you get a laptop fro your vacation to take us with you? hahahh Mariann I take 6-10 inch cuttings put in a glass canning jar and place on my dinner buffet table all winter...Just pull the little leaves as they emerge...I even forget to change the water...hahahha Them turkeys still live...In spring I pot them up and wa la they grow.... I also took my plant last year..Chopped her down to two feet and placed her in the very cold basement off the floor with hardly any heat down there and no light (we heat by wood upstairs) Well I brought her out in spring and now she is three feet in the same soil..hahah I need to give her new soil..... I only gave her a cup of water every now and than...They go dormant in winter if you make them...... I have a picture of my cuttings I will dig for it....With all of us growing them you sure know where you can get some cuttings for sure this fall..:))) We dont cut them know because we are waiting fro them to flush... Frances seedlings bloom the second year from what I was told...I have quite a few of them growing....Same with daylily seedlings for us up north..:)) Barb
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  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I have been a member of Garden Web since July 4, 2007. I am a retired school secretary so that is how I came up with retsec. I guess I discovered the round robin forum right after I joined Garden Web but was always afraid I'd mess up so I wouldn't join any swaps. I finally got in on the Secret Santa Seed Swap this past year. This will be my second round robin. I have 167 trades or for postage exchanges. Looking forward to getting some new plants. My husband always says get something we can eat. I now have 2 rather large green houses he built for me. This past year I rooted loads of plants from what I had and we planted vegetable seeds galore. I had two plant sales, one in the spring and one the weekend before Mother's Day. Also went to two community markets on Saturdays. Did real well. I have really enjoyed being a member of Garden Web and getting loads of different plants that I could not have afforded otherwise.

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Amy-Thanks for starting a new thread. I really was having a hard time downloading the old one. Just a suggestion to those of you who want to post your Photobucket Albums. Put the link in the box underneath your post where it says Optional Link URL: then the name of your Album in Name Of The Link: That way anyone can just click on it.

    I have a lot more cuttings from perennials I can send I didn't know we were doing those too. Between this swap and the CPG swap I'll be shearing off most of my Sedums.LOL

    Dee-I have some of your wants too. cuttings from upright named Sedums, Butterfly Bush 'Pink Delight' (think that's the name), Butterfly Weed 'Hello Yellow' (You can propagate from tip cuttings), Rudbeckia 'Goldstrum' plants and from Winter Sowing Echinacea paradoxa (very small plant). Don't know if we are doing seeds too but I also some some Echinacea seeds left from White Swan, Ruby Giant, DoubleDecker and Magnus. I have to check on that also.

    I know I didn't put much down for my want list but I'd love to chat with my partner and I know we could come up with a better list.

    I'm posting a link to some of my garden pictures. Many of my plant pictures are on my Exchange page.
    This is going to be a fun swap! I'm really looking forward to it.

    Here is a link that might be useful: galium 2 pictures

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hello Everyone!

    Thanks for all the kind comments on my artwork, I should have mentioned that there are bits of nudity (not porn) and some potentially 'scarey' images incase there were children present. :O

    There are some fabulous lists there! I really wish I could participate! But with only a month till I take off I have so much going on right now I am never going to be ready!!!

    The 'hot' has officially arrived! The wet weather this spring has been a real blessing to most of the garden, but my native oakleaf hydrangea is suffering from too much of a good thing. It has been looking poorly for about a week, so I dug it up and found the soil sopping wet at 2 foot depth.

    Loving all the photos! Marianne I love your sedums! I have so many from you and Michele! I cannot decide which are my faves! I just LOVE Sedums!!!!

    I think I have finally convince my best boy that tomatoes CAN be grown from seed! Ny toms are now about a foot+ tall and putting on their first flowers. 8 Plants total cost $2 for seed starting mix $1 for peat pots and $1.20 for Stamps to for the seeds! $4.20 total. To buy the plants locally (even if you could find the heirloom/OP varieties I planted) would cost $20 - $25! Thats math that appeals to his frugal little self! lol

    Barb I ned a second (maybe even a third) job for dirt!!!! The SO just rolls his eyes everytime I tell him MORE PLEASE!!!

    Have fun with the swap everyone, wish I could join you. Will stop in and say Hi when I can!


  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Frances we sure are going to miss you :( We still have a month with you... Buy a laptop so you can share your vacation with us...:)

    Amy I loved your slideshow...I have never seen so many houseplants..Now wonder why you are worn out..LOL Poor thing I cant imagine watering all of them...:) Did you take a sick day? Inquiry minds want to know...

    Marianne thank you for the tip using PB... I will try that next time....I loved your pics too....

    I just love this group...:) Nancy I didnt know you were a retired school secetary... You must have a lot of patience.. That would be a fun job...I like our one here when Natasha was here...(my niece)

    It is cold here everybody I built a little fire... This weather Sucks!!! 50.5 Right now...It was 42 when I got up this morning...Our high is only gonna be in the lower 60's...

    Frances lol hahha feast or famine...No rain or too much with you and Regina...:)

    Regina I am gonna repot those hoyas I think it is the soil..Thank you for the help with them...:)

    I still havent planted my four shrubs...I am out of dirt so I will plant today...hmmm maybe.. Have a great everybody...I cant wait to see who everyone's partners are...:) Barb

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Barb Barb Barb NO DIRT!!!!!! I have holes all over the yard..... Paul always says How can there be holes? I don't see any piles of dirt lying around and you won't put the yard dirt in flower pots so WHERE DID IT GO???? (I confess I am a little confused about this myself) I compost like a madwoman so I should have EXTRA dirt right? nope..... holes everywhere!!!

    Nancy Hello! I think Nancy and I shared some plants (or perhaps she sent me some for postage) when I first started trading at GW! You are going to love this lot Nancy!

    I just got home from Lowes, grabbed a couple of bags of (you guessed it) DIRT!!! lol....... and some stain for my Wicker chairs. I guess I best get back to work!

    Have a great day everyone!


  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hi, everyone!
    It's me, Dee, reporting!
    I am looking forward to getting a partner.
    I am sorry for seemingly disappearing, but like most species of the GEEK persuasion, I can be socially inept. I check this forum at least once a day and LMAO at all of your comments but can't find a thing to say.
    Can we do side trades from the other swappers if we see something we can't live without? I hope that is not against the rule because I got my eye on two or more lists. LOL.
    Amy, thank you so much for coordinating this swap!
    Mariann, thank you for looking at my want list. If you want anything from mine just let me know and I'll send them to you.
    Frances, I am "CHEAP" so I like your "growing toms for pennies" idea. I can fill those holes for you. Look at my list and let me know what you want.
    Norma, you made me so hungry! I am making chili relleno, yellow rice and nopales as soon as I get off this computer.
    Barb, I hope it's warmer where you are today. If only I could bottle this Florida heat!
    Nancy, that is great that you are propogating plants and making a few $ with your plant sales. I am thinking... maybe I can thin my pot ghettos by having a yard sale!
    Regina, I do treasure people I met here at GW too. I made about 60+ exchanges in plants and seeds so far and only two members stiffed me.
    Heather, you're so funny! Droolious...
    Joyce, welcome! Your list is droolious! I have some of your wants.
    Chell, where are you? Don't tell me you are lurking but not commenting, like me.


  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    chiles rellenos my fav.. nopales con chile colorado??? ho yea... yes ladies keep on posting those pics, i love those vines, wish they would grow like that for me..even a morning glory takes all summer to grow..parners tomorow, maybee..yea chell were is you. norma

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hi ladies, here I am...

    yep Dee, I'm guilty! caught lurking, LOL. Been too busy to actually post, but I figure I can steal in a minute or two real quick..

    Been trying to get DH prepped to leave OTR by 6am tomorrow, he just got a call that the trailer won't be loaded till Thursday...&$%@#, but at least he's packed in advance. School's out in two days and I finally got the Box Tops (I've been coordinator since 2006 at son's school) counted and awards bagged up for the top collecting students, gotta hand those out tomorrow, then had to attend a PTO meeting this afternoon to meet next year's officers. My nephew's baseball team is playing here tonight and we're taking the boys (game don't start till 8pm, so the kids will be up way past bedtime, Urgh!). Still gotta help Josh put gifts together for both of his teachers (something he's done every Christmas and end of year since Pre-K). Thursday morning is Josh's 2nd grade hopefully by Thurs. afternoon things will be back to normal. To top it all off, I've developed an allergy to something.... I first got sniffly after cleaning house Saturday (it was neglected, but not THAT dirty!!!, LOL) Then Sunday I played outside in the yard and was sniffling again, by last night my throat was raw and I had chest congestion. I've been dragging all day and feeling blah! I've always been an outdoor person and never had an allergy problem.... Gardeners shouldn't get allergies!!!...and wouldn't ya know there ain't a thing in the medicine cabinet for my symptoms, although Nyquil is starting to look good!LOL.

    Barb, we're still getting mild weather here, only upper 70's/low 80's (really mild for Texas in June!). Wierd, hu?!? Hope y'all warm up soon!

    Welcome Mariann, Nancy & Joyce, glad to have y'all join us!

    Norma, your photos worked this last time. Thanks, I enjoyed the blooms!

    Amy, you have a great selection of houseplants!

    Frances, sure wish you could join the fun on this one. At least we'll have you around for another month before ya go... I agree with Barb, get a laptop to stay in touch (and so you can send vacation pics!!).

    Really lookin' forward to getting a partner!

    Gotta go fix supper... y'all have a good evening!

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Awe man no partners yet...The supense is killing me... Not really it is just what I made for dinner...:)

    Chell you wear me out just reading about your day.. Wow I remember all that..Thank goodness they are raised... Chell the weatherman was wrong..We hit 71 here in late afternoon... I went out and watered and enjoyed the sunlight through the We are really shading out know the trees are getting their leaves.... I dont remember it being this shaded last year in the yard...hmmm

    Dee I knew it was you who sent me those wonderful gardenias last year...They smelled wonderful this spring in the gh... I just loved them...Thank you once again...Jump in anytime dont be shy with us crazy plant lovers... I found another rare plant today I want... Cant find it anywhere for sale on the web... It blooms just like a brug and is part of the gardenia family.... The name is escaping me as of the moment..

    Frances you mean those 200 hundred plants didnt fill them holes hahahha Al bought me dirt home...They were sold out of miracle gro..He bought shultz it is so heavy I really dont like using it... I will though beggers cant be choosy..:)

    Dee we are big time side swappers cause we know each other and have been swapping for a while... I am not side swapping right now though...Al just went back to work...Money has been tight..... Guess what he is working saturday overtime yahoo yippee..:)

    Bigmama what did you cook tonight? Connie my daughter is flying home from phoenix right as I write this..She had a good time out there...

    My Tiger eye sumac has suckers...Yahoo I am doing the happy dance... I found two tonight when I was watering....

    Well girls have a great evening..Time to watch the hunks on deadliest catch on tv...Somthing about a fisherman..Al is a captain on Lake Michigan...:)

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Welcome again Nancy, it's great to have you. I love your story. The greenhouses and plants dream!! ;-) I figure if I can sell enough plants this summer to start to save up money to buy a greenhouse one of these days. It's not only the cost of buying the greenhouse I worry about, it's the heating bills!! I just wish I had time for more sales!

    Mariann, sorry again for not starting a new thread sooner. I have DSL so I didn't even think about it being slow for others. Thanks for the tip on the link too!! I totally thought about that right after I hit the "submit" button. What a great tip!! We can do perennials if your partner is ok with it. I want to make sure that we first focus on the Houseplant/tropical/annual theme though. Seeds are fine too, again, it's whatever you want to swap with your partner ultimately. :-) (although again, you Southern girls...your perennials are our houseplants/tropicals/annuals, LUCKY!!)

    Fran, we'll miss you this time, but we understand. It's a very busy time of year for everyone!! Please keep in touch! I am very frugal too. And now that I've been trading here, I find it hard to pay the prices that nurseries want for some of these plants!! If I see something I like, I will add it to my "want" list and wait. :-) I love the GW!!! I hear you about the dirt too, where does it go?? It's so weird. I added another compost bin to my veggie garden this year. Need to make more dirt!! LOL!

    Barb, Yes, I did call in sick today and slept most of the day. I feel better now. I hope that I will feel better tomorrow too. Work is so busy, it's hard to miss a day...but oh well. Thanks for the compliment about my plants photos, it is a big job to keep them watered. Especially this time of year, I'm so busy outside that I forget about them. But this year, I decided I'm not going to do any pots with annuals, instead I am going to put out my houseplants and tropicals as accents. My house will seem very empty for the next few months (kinda nice) plus they are much easier to keep watered when they're outside. BTW, how to do you water your plants in your greenhouse. I expect that it's just as big of a job, you can just be sloppier about it. ;-) It's chilly here too. Get this, it's supposed to freeze in Northern MN tonight! (not where I live) How gross is that!?! It's June for goodness sake!!! Anyway, I'm glad I live in the Southern part of the state.

    Dee, you're so funny. You say you have nothing to say, but look at that post. Good job! Absolutely you can do side trades. In fact, I encourage it!! Just make sure that you take care of your partner first, that's the top priority. But after that, no limits!

    Wow Chell, busy?? I don't know what you're talking about...LOL. You are a busy lady. Are you sure it's allergies and you're not getting sick from being so busy (like me)? I guess I would rather be sick than have allergies. Hope you feel better.

    AWESOME pictures everyone...and very inspiring!!!

    You ladies are so awesome!!! I got confirmation from everyone almost right away after I sent the email. Such an easy group of swappers!!! Sorry to keep you in suspense (actually, I sorta enjoying it....*evil laugh*) but I will have the partners out tomorrow, I promise!

    Now I need to go to bed, talk to you tomorrow!

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Ok ladies, I've kept you in suspense long enough. Here's the moment you've all been waiting for....drum roll please....


    Barb (rosepedal) sends to Mariann
    Norma (bigmama4ever) sends to Amy
    Regina (ladygreensleeves) sends to Norma
    Chell (chellflower) sends to Dawn
    Dawn (dtm1966) sends to Joyce
    Mariann (galium) sends to Heather
    Dee (gardendee) sends to Chell
    Heather (divahethr) sends to Nancy
    Joyce (creek_mom) sends to Regina
    Nancy (retsec) sends to Barb
    Amy (dieg01991) sends to Dee

    I really hope that you are all happy with your partners. I went through each persons "want" list and compared it to everyone's "haves" to find the best sender based on the lists.

    Remember that after you fulfill your partners wishes, you are free to wheel and deal on side trades!! :-)


  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Lol how many trades have we had Nancy... I am cracking up... Here we go again sister..:) Yippee yahooo.... Good choice Amy.. :)

    Mariann we make a good match I am shade heaven here... I need to go look up your wants again....I think I remember you garden in shade too..:) Oh I could learn so much from you too along with nancy also....

    I am glad I came in for lunch...:) Good job Amy... I hope you are feeling better...Hugs

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Mariann you hit the coleus lady here...:) I just noticed you like named coleus.... and begonias... I am all excited again and gabby again lol....whoo hooo We get to stuff boxes again........:)

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Oh no Barb, I didn't realize that you and Nancy had so many trades together. I'm sorry, I wish I would have had a list of trades too. Hopefully Nancy has enough new stuff to send you. Otherwise we could look at switching it up too. sorry about that!

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Oh man Nancy you have been holding out on me...hahahha I just looked at your have list... Whoo hoo I am way too excited now.... I need to go plant a box of iris from our melissa that just came in... Hugs Melissa if you are reading this... I wish you could have stayed with us...I know you have a lot on your plate... :)

    Mariann do you like scented geraniums? and scented mints? I am kind of afraid you are a expert when it comes to plants I see.... I am way out of my league with you... shooo Please be gentle hahah oh and I am the gabby one of the group too... No job..:) YET LOL Okay everybody you know me by now... I get gabby when I am excited nobody to talk to in the woods... I really need a job or get out of the house....

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Amy dont worry... She has tons of stuff I love..:)))))

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hello, Chell!
    I'll be e-mailing you soon (as soon as I organize a list of plants I can send you according to your wish list).
    Peruse my list on this thread and my GW trade list to look for some plants you may want then e-mail me.

    Amy, AGAIN, thank you!


  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Woohoo, we got our partners!!!

    Dawn, just email me a list once you've picked your wants (including your addy) and I'll get them to you.

    Dee, howdy partner!LOL! what an extensive list!

    Thanks Amy for not making us wait any longer! let the fun begin!!!....

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    WOW-I'm so far behind on all the posts. Don't know where to start.LOL

    Amy-thanks for my partner's.. I know we'll have a lot to share.

    Barb-Through trial and error over the years I have to admit that I garden in the shade! I do have some sun but very little. I grow daylilies and Irises though and some sun plants. Unfortunately some get a little leggy reaching for the sun. As for being an expert....I learn new things every day. Plus Horticulture is a big field and I'm just a little posy.LOL I do like mints although I can't grow many because of sun problem. Love coleus and Begonias! Whatever you have I know I'll be happy with.

    Frances-I don't know how I ended up with so many Sedums. The low growing ones are fine for me but the taller ones get to tall because of all the shade. I have a bed in my veggie garden full of Sedum cuttings from last year.

    I wish I had DSL! We only have one provider here and they are sooooo expensive. I just have to make do with dial up.
    I'll pop back in tomorrow-have a good evening

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I hear ya Mariann... Sun is tough to get around here too... I hope you can grow my have list there... It is hard being in a sun lovers RR... but us shade gardeners make do... :)

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    amy i sent you my pics you can choose more plants,norma

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Are we going to name this group? lol TLC

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Is this a group? I thought crazy plant lovers taking all other plant lovers....No stupid membership (rules) required in my eyes....It reminds me of the High life commercials and the gate are you accepted as a special person..???

    IMO the best thing is to give.... Not everyone is fortunate to have what we have... Sometimes we forget what we have... I am good for that....

    I feel sorry for the newbies sometimes who wants a garden for their families and has no money....I started this way... GW members who helped me out... I have all their treasured conversations and plants saved. I walk out in the gardens and can tell al who it is from and if I talked with them lately and about their family and what part of the Unied States they are from...

    It really is not about the plants sometimes we get wrapped up in them...Me included! But about friendship and family...GW family rocks...:)))) and no I am not being gabby just from my heart.....Barb

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Well we had a bear in last night we think... It destroyed our bird feeders and bent the heavy pole right over... My cat is mia...I have been out in the woods looking for him... Mariann I will get a list together of some shade plants I can add in and email you later on.... This is truly cabin life lol... Have a good day everybody....

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Whew!! What a morning!! DH left for Arkansas to pick up the truck and start his new OTR job just as the boys and I left for school. Josh's 2nd grade graduation went well...he looked so handsome in his shirt & tie! We got lots of video & photos of him with his teachers & friends, and a photo of him & Logan in front of the school (Logan will be starting school there next year). When we arrived back home Logan asked 'Where's Daddy?' (nearly broke my heart!) had only been three hours since DH left and it already feels like he's been gone a lot longer (he may not come home for nearly a month this first time out)!!! Oh well, we've been through this before and will just have to re-adjust least we've had him home for a whole month between jobs, and it is a relief that he's working again (still waiting for my money plant to bloom though, LOL!)

    Barb, sorry about your 'visitor'....I hope your kitty returns home soon, I'm sure he was just frightened and is hiding until he knows the coast is clear of that bear (or giant mutant squirrel?) that raided the bird feeders. Maybe the intruder left disappointed and won't return again.
    I agree on the 'not a group' membership required -Yeah! (I'm a paid member of a Garden Club and the only worthwhile part of it is the friends I've made on the forums!) If our circle of friends had a name though it'd have to be something like 'Crazy Tropical Friends' because many of us don't even live in a Tropical climate and are crazy enough to try growing them anyway, LOL! would also be a good cover up for our real goal of taking over the world with plants LOL! Whoahahahaha!
    The best part of enjoying my gardens is remembering the friends who sent each plant (many of my NoIds are named after the person who sent them), its what makes my garden special! When my boys recieve a trade/gift plant we put the sender's name on the label to help them keep track of the garden friends they've made. Gardening not ony helps teach them that sharing is fun, but also that people can bond a friendship without ever having met in person!

    Y'all have a great day!!!

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I got your email and I will take a look tonight. I am still playing catch up at work today.


  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Yup its a bear..25 feet from the gh...KI ki is still not home... I am frickin scared now...I was out in the woods looking for him....See the sunflower seeds he ate out of my bird feeders...Darn


  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    This is what he did last night to teh feeders...He bent the poles right over....

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hey Barb,
    Okay, I'd say that HAD to be a bear! BTW, thanks for our first visual of Bear Poop!LOL! The boys got a kick out of that!(Eeeewwww!). What kinda bears live around your woods? I'd be scared too with something that big entering the yard!...Hmmm, wonder if Regina's mockingbirds would keep those things away? Can the Parks/Wildlife Dept do anything about the bear if you call them? Only 25 ft from the GH..Yikes! Did you see him or is that just where he 'left his calling card'? Be careful Barb and don't go outside alone! Sure hope Kiki makes it home soon!!!!

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Lol Chell I was in the woods all day today down in the ravine looking for Ki ki... I just got off the phone with the DNR...Shooo black bears dont eat kitties..:))) Everyone said he probably is afraid and went into hiding... I am so excited to have a bear...I have a driveway sensor for the deer when they come in to eat..It beeps in the house...I am drinking coffee to stay up all night and wait for it...I want a picture.. I placed the sensor by the feeders..... I got new rocks from the workers on the farmfield..... That is how I found the droppings... We are on the map now here for bears.... I am glad the kids got to learn from it.... It is about 2 inches in diameter...Big lol

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Love ya Barb, but the poop shot made me gag!! A little smaller picture next time would be better I think! LOL!!

    Sorry about your feeders. I don't blame your kitty for hiding!! I can't believe you're excited, you're nuts! I would be so scared!!! Make sure you keep your shed or garage (wherever you keep the bird seed) closed and locked!!! And if it's in a porch or your greenhouse, MOVE IT OUT! Bears get aggressive when it comes to food and could easily destroy more than just your feeders! I worry about you!!

    *gagging in MN*

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    no way, i run like crazy when i see a ratler around here. id be in the other state by now if i would see a bear, nope... chell. i use to hate when my hubby did that, thats why he got a job in town after a wile... well we are all here for ya...amy im ready to send, so anytime youre ready...i agree on the tropical thing bannanas in az, yup theyll grow but no bananas..yea that membership is kinda wierd ive traded with so many people and trust was all thats was needed..later norma

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    lol i didn't know what the picture was before I read I thought it was barbeque gone wrong. you ever start cooking and start reading email me and forget...

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Sorry Amy...LOL You have a weak tummy..hahahah

    Bigmama I would run from a rattler too..:)

    Heather it does look like burnt hahah

    Great new everyone Kiki is home...I think he was hiding under the house...He is tramautized.. He is shaking and following al everywhere... He keeps looking at the bird feed area... He finally found something bigger than him... Mariann with all this excitement I didnt email you yet... I did make the list out and will email in the morning..Time for popcorn and hot chocolate.....Barb

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I just emailed you back. My computer is super slooooow tonight for some reason! It's waaaaaay past my bed time.

    Dee, take a look at my list and let me know what you can't live without!!! LOL!

    Good night!

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Wow a bear in the yard! Bear are amazing to watch, especially family groups. (moms and cubs) They are ususally not dangerous unless interfered with. Best to keep your bird area cleaned up till the bear moves on. (keep your little doggies inside too) Have you considered planting natural food sources like wild berries native to your area. In a place where you can watch without having to get too close and that you are willing to leave to nature?

    A couple of years ago in Tennessee, we watched a gang of idiots chase a bear up a tree trying to take photos! Jumping out of their cars, dragging kids and pocket cameras chasing a BEAR for gosh sakes!!!! Really, makes my blood boil! If somone had gotten hurt the Park probably would have ended up putting the animal down because someone had s#!t for brains!!! Makes my blood boil!!!!
    ok, I'll get down off my soap box, (I am a bit of a nature freak) I am so excited about your visiter Barb just be careful! Most people who are hurt by wild bears got that way by being idiots!

    Back in a bit have a wonderful day everyone!


  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Goodmorning Mariann I emailed you through gardenweb..I added a few to my have list...

    Frances I hear ya on bugging animals in nature..It really irks me too... I can take pics from inside the house where the feeders are...I would never take on a Those idiots are nuts...They need to be chased up a tree...

    Al talked with his hunting buddy...The bear more than likely will not return.. They can cover quite a area...
    Ki ki will not go outside now...I think this is a good thing..I never have liked him being out there.. What are you gonna do..:)

    You all have a great day....Barb

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    It's amazing how ignorant some folks are! put themselves AND their kids in danger just to get close to a bear?!? Haven't these folks ever heard of a Z-O-O ?!? They may as well be trying to stop a Mack Truck on the Interstate! Funny part is, they're usually the ones who never end up getting hurt!

    Barb, I think its great that your yard attracts wildlife and bears are fascinating creatures...but please do be careful when you're out just in case he took a real liking to that 'trail mix' in your feeders. Soo glad your Kiki is back (and unharmed)too!

    Dee, sent you an email. Thanks!

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I havent heard from my swap partners yet... They must be busy gardeners... Norma I did get your email and sent you one back...I hope it works..:) I seen one of my partners is in another RR probably busy... Hope to hear Hello soon..:))) Barb

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    yes i did, beutifull plants, send me somemore at the end of the season, when they are all grown all i send sidetrades all i have are cuttings, i dont start plants, i dont have room..i just started a trade and i dint specify and she was very disapointed with my box...:( im very sad..

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Norma if all the boxes you send are as fat and full of healthy cuttings as you sent me (with sooo many extras...), I don't see how anyone could be unhappy with it. I'm sure that person will be thrilled in the end when everything roots and grows.

    Barb, I haven't heard from one of my partners yet either. I know it has been a busy time for me, and since we just got partnered up Wed I'll wait till next week and then email her if she hasn't responded to my forum message by then. BTW, did your bear leave any paw prints? If so, it would be cool to make cement stepping stones from them!!!

    I didn't get to play outside today (boohoo)... Josh had an upset tummy since last night, he was okay by noonish so we went to town... I donated plasma,then we stopped by Walmart and spent the rest of the day spring cleaning the kitchen (not a pretty scene, folks LOL). But we DID play outside all yesterday till about 7pm, we tilled up the soil( by hand, ugh!) for our Tropical Hideout~~ we played pirates digging for were the 'booty' and roots were the bones (and wooden legs, Aargh!) of previously unfortumate pirates. The boys had a blast and I got some garden help...don't ya just love playing pretend?? works like reverse psycology on these kids, and we all got filthy so I know they really enjoyed it!!! Tomorrow we need to gather all of those 'bones' and give them a proper burial at sea (our 'blue' dumpster), then we're planning to dig the hole to fit our little pond in and plant our hideout's walls (cannas).

    Time to get these kiddos to bed..
    G'night y'all.

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hey all, sorry for the MIA.....been a ruff week here. Mark had to have surgery on his wrist and I did'nt sleep the night before worring about it. It almost got canceled because he has this heart condition were it skips a beat every now and then. It's not a big deal really, he's been checked out by the cardiologist and the Dr. says it's perfectly normal for kids to have it.But every time he has to have a procedure his primary Dr. starts jerking over it. The cardo Dr. put a 24 hr. monitor on him this time to "put it to rest" and stop this craziness finally.
    The surgery went ok too btw, he's doing ok, just sore, the Dr. put a screw into the bone to shock it into healing faster and better.

    Bigmama I sent you an e-mail, hope to hear from you soon. I haven't heard from my "sender" yet. careful with that bear around there, wildlife is unpredictable. Im glad Kiki is ok too.

    Chell....been there done that with the kids,so many times their dad was on call, only we are on the other end now. Kids are growing up and flying from the nest. Come this fall we will be empty nesters when Mark goes off to college. I look forward to this new era in our life, but I know I will also miss having the kids around.

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    I miss having kids around the house sometimes. But I call my sisters and listen to all the 'angst' they are going through with their teens and I think oh YA!!! I am free. Now their adventures really begin!

    I love watching wild life, (well most wild life, I really am creeped out by possums, look like giant rats YUK) oh and snakes I am afraid of snakes, we have big ones here! ooh! I try to remember that snakes are good, snakes are very good.....

    Its raining AGAIN!!!! oh me...... my backyard is a swamp! My new brumansia are loving it (cannas too, but everybody else is struggling to stay upright!

    I hope you all have a great day! Gotta go see what needs saving today! Funny really, rescue from drought, rescue from waterlog, every day is an adventure in gardening here!

    ha ha ha


  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Goodmorning Everybody ! :)

    I heard from my swappers last night...:))) Mariann I have a couple of surprizes for you...We love putting surprizes in our boxes Regina started it..

    Chell you are so creative and your writing is so much fun to read... I bet the boys loved playing pirate.. I can see their smiling faces now...What a great idea to make a hideout.. They will always remeber their hideout mom made for them...

    Norma I havent traded with you but I am sure you went way above in sending her nice cuttings..I seen pics of what you send...They are awesome boxes..:)) Please dont be sad..:))

    Regina howdy :) I am so sorry about Mark having to have surgery and the heart condition would just send me into heaven.. Wow I am so glad to read it all went well...Shooo My heart sank for a minute...He will be all healed for college this fall..:)) You empty nester dont go through what I went through...Stay busy and call them alot... I miss my kids so much it hurts sometimes... Dogs are okay but they cant replace our true babies...I love reading about chell and her boys... It makes me smile so much...

    Frances lol You poor gardener..ahhah You need a break from mother nature..Really..:)) Oh big snakes yucky... I would be screaming... I love chippies...They are so cute...Havent had many around with a cat now...Kiki has brought home two gardener snakes...He was very proud of himself...

    Yesterday I was getting ready to go out and play in the dirt...The crows or blackbirds were screaming...It just like a scene in the movie the "birds"... It creeped me out really bad...I couldnt see what they were yelling at..

    I watched tv...Than got bored and went coleus

    The master gardener sale for the next county over is tommorow... I cant wait to see what they are going to be offering..I have never been to this one...Oh I almost forgot..I heard from the master gardener I met...Looks like we are building another She wants to do it closer to fall since everyone is busy with their gardens...I am glad we could help her..They are a pain to build.. well I gabbed enough lol must be the strong coffee and I got a lot of sleep...:)) Have a good day everybody..Barb

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hello everyone-I've been remiss again at posting....sorry I did hear from Barb and emailed her back. Hi Barb-waving... Also heard from Heather... so I've been in contact with my partners. Enjoyed Heather's newsy emails.

    Regina-I'm glad the surgery went well for Mark.

    Frances I sympathize about the rain. We've had so much the last week that everything is water logged. Not to mention the septic system! That's a whole other story. I can't even wash dishes because nothing drains. The slugs are having a field day. I walk around the yard with my container of salt trying to kill as many as I can. My veggie garden isn't even entirely planted yet. I have been enjoying the lettuce I put in though. This year I planted 2 rows of snow peas. I'd like to be able to freeze some for stir fry during the winter.

    I've been laid up with a horrible cold and bronchitis. It's been almost a week and a half. Since then I've kind of let things go like posting. I do enjoy everyone's chatty posts though it really makes my day.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

  • 14 years ago
    last modified: 9 years ago

    Hello all,
    Glad to see that the partners are starting to browse each other's lists! Yeah!!

    It's raining here too, but we really need it!!! It's cold too though, which we really DON'T need!! LOL. It's nice though, I have lots of stuff to do inside. I have a ton of plants to get repotted, so that will be what I'll work on for the rest of the afternoon. Just brought home a big bag of dirt, it should be fun! :-) Hope you dry out soon Frances.

    Sorry to hear that some of you are sick. I guess it's going around! I'm still pretty tired. Regina, glad to hear that everything is ok. My husband has to have surgery on his arm this fall, not looking forward to that!!

    I posted a new thread so check it out. It has your last tip for this swap included. Fun stuff!!!


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    I am trying to learn something new...:)

    Here is a link that might be useful:

  • 14 years ago
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    That is so neat..I learned how to do Those are the new babies...:))) All named yahoo....