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UPDATE: Houseplants/Tropicals/Annuals - 1 more day to sign up!!

13 years ago

The swap details...

The theme for this month's swap will be Houseplants/Tropicals/Annuals!! These may be in the form of plants, cuttings, bulbs, tubers. (Keep in mind that some people's perennials may be considered annuals/tropicals to us northern folk. :-)

Also as a part of this swap, I would really like to encourage all of the members out there who haven't tried trading plants yet because they are too nervous or worried to try it. I am in a swap this month where we were all asked when we joined Garden Web and how we found the Round Robin forum. Almost everyone said that they started out on GW just reading the forums and then started trading with seeds. Mostly everyone waited a looooong time to start trading plants because they were too scared to try it. We have all been there, but there's no better time than the present to jump in and try it out. It's easier than you think, trust us!! We will help you out and answer any questions you may have about how to package everything and how to send it. You get a lot of great plants for cheap, and you will also get to meet some great people here!! I for one waited a year before I started trading plants. I was convinced that I would do it all wrong, the plants would all be DOA, and everyone would end up hating me! LOL So as a part of this swap, I will try to include some tips of the new traders along with other activities to keep this fun.

The fine print...

1. Sign up and post lists between now and June 1st.

2. Include a list of the plants that you want AND a list of the plants that you have to trade for this swap. You could also refer to your lists on your trade page if those are up to date. I WILL be using these lists to match partners so please make sure you include your most up to date lists. For this swap, I would like to limit it to sending plants only. (But, of course, you and your partner can agree to send whatever you want to each other...but you both have to agree on a fair trade).

3. I will post swap partners sometime during the first week of June. Again I WILL try to match partners as best I can based on their trade list provided.

4. All packages need to arrive at their new homes by June 30th. (That means they should leave your house no later than the 27th, by Priority Mail) Please post when you send and receive.

5. and, most importantly....HAVE FUN!!!!

Who's in so far?

In for sure...

Barb (rosepedal) - Haves list posted

Norma (bigmama4ever) - Lists posted

Regina (ladygreensleeves) - Lists posted

Chell (chellflower) - Lists posted

Dawn (dtm1966) - Lists posted

Mariann (galium) - Lists posted

Dee (gardendee) - Lists posted

Heather (divahethr) - Lists posted

Amy (dieg01991) - Lists posted

Getting ready to cave/May be...

Frances (fcoffill)

Melissa (hazelnutbunny) - Lists posted

Here is a list everyone's lists so far. Please let me know if forgot anything or if there's anything you want to add. (I only listed the swapers who are in for sure here)

Barb (rosepedal)


Horizon orange ice ger.

Victoria princess plumie Seedling nice size with leaves...This is the mother or father???

Budda belly seedling

Penta dark pink seedling flowering pretty

Cherub brug seedling mother father unknown

Lillium Formosa seedling will bloom this year supposedly

Spearmint mint

Freckles coleus

Purple crinium

Green crinium

Ger tornando orchid

Black velvet appleblossom ger

Cuttings can only do one woody Patchouli oil nice size cutting

Chocolate mint scented geranium 1 cutting

Alabama sunset coleus maybe two

Aristo lilac regal ger maybe two cuttings

Angel wing begonia cutting

Variegated fair ellen scented ger

Coleo coleus

aloe chunk/cutting gets huge from my dads yard in california

Norma (bigmama4ever)


arrow heads

unknown bulbs (have purple flowers)







clivia rooted

white canna


bonnie spider plant

smoke bush

and some succulants


not lookin for much

any bananas

tropical stuff

pond stuff



Regina (ladygreensleeves)

Spider plants- verigated and green

Devils pothos-verigated

Episcia-little plantlets roots easily ask Barb

Jade-a vining potted houseplant-cuttings roots easily

Zigos-white and red (Christmas cactus)-cutting

Zigo-hot pick (Sunrise cactus)-cutting

cuban oragano-verigated and green

Frittonia-'Pink Star'-cuttings

Pilea-'Moon Valley'-cuttings

Hoya's- I have many,will trade for other Hoya's

Rabbitfoot Fern-cuttings(several'feet')to get u started


coleus-I have several kinds



Jade-This is the succulent tree type

Geraniums-1 rose scented cutting and 1 noid cutting I can only give one cutting each of these.But still willing to share.


Skyvine-cuttings-trying to root some now

Lady margaret Passion vine-cutting

Jasmines-2 kinds-rooted


Schefflera-small baby tree

Silver shield cockspur-cuttings

Banana pup-Dwarf cavish-has red down mid leaf


Mandevilla-Malay rubber vine-young babies from seed


Cherry Jubilee-rooted cuttings

Purple potatoe vine-rooted

Elephant ears

Ti-Red Sister-cuttings

Song-of-India 'Dracaena'-rooted


Carrion plant-rooted

Rhipsalis-have 5

Desert Rose-noid babies

Jade E.T.'s fingers-succulent

Crassula clavata-succulent

Gladiolus bulbs 10 bulbs mixed fringe

passion fruit-cutting

For my wish list I'm really easy to please.....honest! I have been looking for:

Hoya's...did I mention it's an obsession


Goldfish plant



mockingbird repellant



houseplants I don't

any plant that can go in a pond

and Hoya's

Chell (chellflower)



Snake Plant-rooted division

Variegated Spider Plant-rooted

Green Butterfly (Nepthytis)-rooted

Purple Jew-cuttings

Kalancho Blossfeldiana-cuttings

Pepperomia-leaf cuttings

Mass Cane/Corn Plant-division

Canna-Purple Leaf -pup

Philo Erubescens ('Blushing')-cutting

Norfolk Island Pine (appx. 10" sapling)

Phalaenopsis/Moth Orchid

Mandarin Plant- Babies


Black Eyed Susan Vine

Texas Bluebonnets

Coleus (Rainbow Mix, Sedona)

Celosia 'Flamingo Feather'

Hollyhock mix (biennial)

Angelica Gigus (biennial)

Love in a Mist 'Ms. Hyde'

Convolulous Morning Glory

Queen Anne's Lace

Tobacco 'Virginia Gold'

Nasturtiums (Alaska, Caribbean Cocktail, Dwf. Cherry Rose, Empress of India, Jewel mix, Lipstick, Papaya Cream, Vesuvius)

Perennials: (these are young plants/saplings)

Anise Hyssop -blue

Lupine 'Russell mix'

Lupine 'Tutti Frutti'

Butterfly Bush 'Black Knight'

Castor Bean 'Red Camencita'

Columbines (Black Barlow, red/white/purple, burgundy, Blue Star, Harlequin, Pink/purple)

Desert Willow- purple

Honey Ball Bush

Joe Pye Weed

Hosta babies (Frances Williams, Bold Ribbons, Witches Brew, Niagara Falls)

Money Plant 'Purple Honesty'

Butterfly weed (white, Orange Glory)

Milkweed (Orange, yellow, scarlet, red/yellow)

Spirea shrub 'Blue Mist'

Bleeding Heart-Pink

Blackberry Lily

Hardy Hibiscus (white/pink, mauve/pink)

Wants (I know most of these are unlikely, but I'll be thrilled to get just a few from this list):

Alocasia/Colocasia (any giant/upright/unusual)

Begonias- esp. named


Calla Lilly (esp.Black Forest,Edge of Night,

Millenium Gold, White Giant)

Canna (Nirvana,Striped Beauty/Minerva,Thai One On,Tropicanna Black,Valentine)


Fruit (fig, loganberry, meyor lemon, etc)

Gaillardia 'burgundy' (for son)

Geraniums-esp. named

Gingers/heliconia (have var. shell)


Hummingbird vine/Scarlet Wisteria (Sesbania grandiflora)


Jade Vine ((Mucuna...any color)


Philodendrons (that I don't have)

Pond Plants (Dwf. cattails, water lillies)

Swiss Cheese/Monstera

Ti/Good Luck Plant (green or red)

Dawn (dtm1966)

My haves

Hoyas multiple kinds

Lipstick plant (2 kinds)

Goldfish plant


Ivys (green and variegated)

Canna lilly

Pentas (hot pink)

Crinums (light pink)

Epiphyllums (day and night blooming kinds)

Pereskia grandiflora


Jewel of opar

Variegated ginger


Not picky

Not really into annuals and trees (Texas burns up annuals and my yard is too small for trees)

Like perennials and vines

Love anything unusual

Like African violets and orchids as well

Mariann (galium)



Epipremnum a.'Aureum'-Pothos, Devil's Ivy (green and yellow)

Epipremnum a.'Marbel Queen'-Pothos (green and white)

Hoya species

Peniocereus greggii-Night Blooming Cereus

Philodendron scandens micans-1' long stem for serpentine propagation.


Aloe 'Pink Blush'

Kalanchoe-Kind of fuzzy

Hypoestes 'Red Splash'-Polka Dot Plant (small)

Hypoestes 'White Splash'-Polka Dot Plant (small)

Nephrolepis exaltata 'Green Fantasy'-Fern (small)

Jasminium nitidum-Star Jasmine (rooted cutting)

What I'm looking for:


Begonias Angel Wing

Begonias Dragon Wing

Begonias noted for their foliage

Anything that does well in low light areas

Dee (gardendee)

My HAVE list:

White butterfly bush

Ananas nanus (miniature pineapple)

Zebrina Rojo banana

Dwarf Picasso canna

Plumeria cuttings (white, yellow, pink, and red)

Frosty Pink brugs

Mixed dwarf cannas

Billbergia Pyramidilis (bromeliad)

Red ti plants and cuttings

Variegated gardenia

Variegated hydrangea

White butterfly gingers

Double/triple orange daylilies

South African aloes (amazing orange flowers similar to red hot poker's)

Kalanchoe (double white, orange, pink)

Variegated spider plant

Green spider plant

Chartuese potato vine cuttings

Green Ivy

Purple Wandering Jew (2 Kinds- solid purple and purple with white edge)

Small Anthurium

Double white Datura seedlings

Oakleaf hydrangea seedlings

Calamondin seedlings

Purple Canna Indica

Green Canna Indica

Mammoth green colocasia

Colocasia "Illustris"

Edible Asian Taro

Purple Ruellia

Tall green gardenia

Purple Coneflower seedlings

Lots of lemon balm

Seven Sisters' roses rooted and cuttings

Red Cascade rose rooted and cuttings

Louis Phillipe rooted and cuttings

Mixed Coleus

NOID hosta seedlings

Lemon grass

Red amaryllis

Variegated hibiscus cuttings

NOID tillandsia

Queen's tears bromeliad

NOID bromeliad

Southern oak seedlings

Left over mixed balsam seedlings

Left over cherry tomatoes and other heirloom tomatoes (seedlings)

Canna tropicana

Bengal canna

Scarlet Buckeye seedlings

Texas buckeye seedlings

Variegated shell ginger

Small pink crinum bulbs

My WANT list:

Any bananas except for zebrina rojo, basjoo, plantain, saba, and ice cream (really want dwarf orinoco, ladyfingers and apple banana but will appreciate any that I do not have)

Butterfly bush (pink and purple)

Butterfly weed (anything aside from orange)

Huskers' red pestemon

Russian sage

Joan Senior daylily

Shasta Crazy Daisy

Double or shredded brugmansias

Crinum "Sangria" or "Queen Emma"

Upright sedums with unusual foliage

Losts of hens and chicks for a topiary project

Crocosmia (yellows and reds)

Perennial salvias (I have May Night and Blue Bedder)

Coneflowers (any color other than pink and purple)

Rudbeckia "Goldsturm"

Anything that will attract the wildlife into my yard in the burbs in zone 8B

Please see my list for some more WANTs if you are feeling generous

Heather (divahethr)


city of portland canna

dwarf pink canna grown from seed

velvet wizard cutting rooting

sedona coleus rooting

no id pastel green coleus from seeds

mexican fan palms

red ridinghood mandavilla

no id mandavilla

red banana no id pup rooting

wyoming canna

red king humbert canna

aaron calladium bulbs

white calla lily bulbs

hymenocallis advance bulb

white bird of paradise

hesperaloe parviflora red false yucca division

meyer lemon seedlings

bromeliad pups

variegated bromeliad pup

arabian vitex purpurea cuttings

opuntia cactus

pencil cactus cutting

aralia balfour

pink kallanchoe

night blooming cereus

thanksgiving cactus



ice plant rooted cuttings


not picky anything I don't already have is cool

sago palm pup

new zealand flax grass

Amy (dige01991)



Plants or rooted cuttings:

Arrow vine

Asparagus Fern

Bloodleaf Variegated 'Iresine herbstii'

Chinese Evergreen (solid green leaves)

Chinese Evergreen, Painted Drop-Tongue

Christmas cactus (hot pink and white flowers)

Christmas cactus (solid hot pink flowers)

Cuban oregano (variegated)

Magenta Dracaena

Euphorbia trigona

Graptopetalum pentandrum superbum (succulent)

Ivy (large green leaf)

Ivy (small green leaf)

Jade Plant (green)

Kalanchoe (Mother of Thousands - red flowers)

Oyster Plant (Tradescantia spathacea)

Pathos (green)

Pathos (golden)

Pathos (variegated)

Peperomia species (NOID)

Polka Dot Plant

Pregnant onion

Purple Queen

Spider Plant (green)

Spider Plant (variegated - white center w/green mottling)

Succulent NOID (purple-ish green with white hair) - picture coming soon

Swedish Ivy

Yucca NOID (grown from seeds I collected in Las Vegas a few years back)

Wandering jew (purple & silver)

Wandering jew (green)

***Unrooted cuttings:

Aeonium zwartkop

African Violet (purple)

Aloe Vera (pup)

African Violet (white, pink

aloe Zanzibar


Goldfish plant orange flowers

Heart leaf philodendron

Ivy (small golden variegated leaf)

Ivy (small variegated leaf)

Lipstick plant (red flowers)

***ANNUALS/TROPICALS (all cuttings for now):

Fuchsia 'Shadow Dancer Betty"

Star Jasmine


Canna lily (green leaf w/red flowers)

Canna lily (burgundy leaf w/red flowers)



Anything variegated (that I don't already have)



Cast iron plant

Croton Banana Codiaeum

Croton "Lauren's Rainbow"

Croton "Gold Star"

Elephant bush

Epiphyllum (any)

Foxtail Fern 'Meyersii' (Asparagus densiflorus)

Guppy plant

Hoya (any)

Lipstick plant (orange flowers)

Orchids (any)

Orchid cactus

Philodendron 'Pink Princess'

Pitcher plant

Rhipsalis (any)

Rosary Vine

Schefflera "Madam de somet"

Silver Squill, Violet Squill (Ledebouria socialis)

Spider (the one with curly leaves)

Succulents (especially purple, variegated or other non-green ones)

Venus Fly Trap

Wax Plant

Zebra plant


angel wing begonia

Aeoniums any (I only have Zwartzkop)


Begonia 'Fireworks'

Brugmansia (any type)

Calathea 'Medallion'

Dragon wing begonia

Rex begonia

Shell Plant


Black elephant ear

Cannas (any I don't already have)

Dahlia's (any I don't already have)

Stargazer Lilies

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