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Higher Fence Question

Dena Walters
14 years ago

Hello all...Im tellin' ya it's been like a whirlwind in the past few months...AGAIN...

My daughter has moved back in with use, with her 3 month old and 3 yr old...and IM the one that helps....3 evenings a wk. pick up from daycare after I get off work..till 8:30..and then every Sat and every other Sun until 6:-8: pm....she is a hair I get up @ 4:30 am and drive 52 miles (one way) to work...

But .. never mind bout all that....

I have my boxer that we kept from my female boxers liter...He is actually is a huge baby and around 90-95 lbs...he will be 2 in November.

We have a black iron fence, that is 5 ft tall and has extremely sharp points on the top....

Welll he can jump this thing in a heart beat....I mean he can clear it like a fricken' deer....

What can I use that would not be ugly, but to increase the height of my fence?

I was thinking black lattice..and we use the black zip ties to hold it in place?...and placing it length wise...but....will this work?..Its the ONLY attractive alternative I have come up with..and not very cheap either..yet the least expensive I have thought of..


Here is a glimpse of our fence...And the long side that he jumps...Man do I need help on this one!

Thank everyone!!!


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