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BLACK Seed Swap!!!! Color for the Month of June!!!!

13 years ago

HEllo Everyone!

This is the June color swap, featuring the color BLACK!

You may include seeds that contains anything Black,whether it is a flower, foliage, fruit, vegetable, herb, Etc. or simply just has the word "Black" in its name!

You may send edible and non-edible seeds. Please specify if you would like back edible, non-edibles, or a mix of both. I will do my best to fill your request, but it all depends on what is sent in!

Absolutely NO Invasive Plants or Noxious Weeds!!!!

Please send seeds no older than 2 years old. Please include on the label, the seed's name, a little blurb about it,and indicate whether your seeds are from a commercial source or hand-collected.

The limit for all of the color swaps has been 10 packs so far. But please feel free to send in some extras. By rule, I can only promise that you will recieve the sending limit of 10 packs back, but I will try to send back extras to the people who sent in extras to be fair.

You can send in as little as 1 pack of seeds, there is no minimum to send in.

Please send in enough seed for a person to have a good try out of the seed!!!! In the past swaps, it was atleast 10 seeds per variety, but if something is a small seed, like lets say Basil, you would probably do 4 times that. So please use your judgement and send the number of seeds that you would be comfortable recieving yourself.

Please send only 1 pack per variety ( for example, dont send in 7 packs of Black Hollyhock)! Again, you may send more than one pack of a certain variety, but please know that they will be counted as "extras". SO each variety will be counted as one trade.

You need to sign up before June 3rd, 2009, and your seeds need to arrive by June 15th. Seeds will be sent out to you by June 25th. When you sign up, please do so here on the thread, and also send me an e-mail with your name, address, garden web name, and e-mail address. This way I can reply back to you with my mailing address.

You will need to send your seeds in a bubble envelope, which will be used to mail back your new seeds. Also, I will need a mailing label with your address on it, and stamps equal to what you sent plus one not attached in case an extra stamp is needed (if the extra stamp is not needed, I will put it in your return envelope). One last thing, please include a list of what you sent in so you don't get those seeds back.

Please!!!! Feel free to ask questions!!!! Hopefully, I did not forget anything!

The color Black is such an exciting , unusual color for plants of all types!!!! This will be a really fun one to partcipate in!

Christy, your host!

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