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NEW: Summer Seed Swap

Hi all! The Summer Seed swap is now open!

The deadline for joining is May 31. You will likely get your seeds in mid-June.

Please send a self-addressed bubble envelope with $2.00 worth of stamps. Do not attach the stamp to the envelope, if there is extra postage I will send it back inside the envelope so you can use it. It is easiest for me if your bubble envelope is addressed with your GardenWeb name and real name, ie

Jane Doe (Garden Girl)
123 Elm St
San Diego, CA 92128

Include a note with your real name, Garden Web name, email address, and address.

Send 2 packets of seeds with 15 seeds inside. Everyone who participates can get a little bit of each, and you will get back at least 30 seeds. You may get some of your own back if not many people participate!

Post if interested!

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