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Indoor Tropical Fruit Trees, Pineapple Kiwi Banana Citrus Plants

12 years ago

I just signed up for a forum, here, to ask for advise in my gardening adventure. I purchased Kona Sweatloaf, Dwarf Cavendish, male and female kiwi vines.

I want to get lemon orange lime.

1/3 generic potting soil 1/3 sand 1/3 sphagnum moss.

5 gallon buckets

water weekly with my goldfish and turtle tanks and 1/4 strength chemical fertalizer everyother week.

Mist daily and dry out with fan.

I will be starting these rooted baby's under 184 watts of flourecent. Cfl.

I would like to double the light in 2-3 months.

My intrest is in propagation of tropical plants for indoor growing. I want to see if I can reproduce these via pups, grafting, cuttings, but not seeds.

I live in North Idaho so these are very rare. But if I can reproduce them and manage 12-24 small mature clones for 3 months can I get any of them to produce outdoors in 18 months from the day I recieve them in the mail.

Any advice is highley appreciated. Pictures and a journal will be up when they arrive.

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