for the believers among us . . . prayer requests

i rear-ended a vehicle on i-635 two weeks ago in our wheelchair van that allows us to transport our two children in wheelchairs - he stopped abruptly in front of me & i couldn't stop in time - anyway, here's the situation

bad news:

* the van was totalled out by the insurance company

* repairs would've taken a few weeks, replacement will take a couple of months

* we lose the rental coverage

* we paid off the van & were quite satisfied with zero car payments - this is quite a setback in our hopes for reducing/eliminating our debt

good news:

* except for some minor seatbelt/airbag bruising, no one was injured

* we get to start over with a new van with a longer life

* larger van, we're thinking about a ford full-size van b/c the kids and chairs are getting bigger (we're already calling it "the bus" & joking about paving the backyard so i can park without hitting the house - not the way i want to reduce my lawn)

* insurance won't pay much on the van, but will pay out replacement value on the modifications ($14k)

* this time around, hailey's on class (medicaid program) that includes some coverage of vehicle mods

* the van was paid off, so all of the insurance check goes toward replacement van


* we (read: don) don't get "new car fever" & our eyes don't get bigger than his paycheck (we don't need leather seats with butt warmers, but they're tempting - i'm sure our 13yo son will beg for a dvd player - did you know that some of the full-size vans with raised roofs have 27" screens?!?!? - that's the size of our family room tv!)

* we find a van that truly meets our needs

* the kids, primarily hailey, don't need urgent transportation in the interim

* the remainder, which will have to be financed, isn't too high (or at too high a rate) & doesn't stress our monthly/longterm finances too much

so there's that - i started to just mention the prayer requests, but those of us who are active pray-ers find it difficult to pray aggressively without relevant information - i hope its not tmi

your prayers are needed & i'll let you know what unfolds

~ amy

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