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help with norfolk island pine!!

11 years ago

So basically this is what happened... I was looking for plants and I found this little tree about 6 inches tall, I was very curious to see what kind of tree it was and it turned out it was norfolk island pine. All the websites said it would never survive indoors but I was determined to keep it living.

Then winter came and my house became very dry. The whole tree turned brown and looked dead, but knowing me I wouldn't let this little plant go into the garbage can just yet. But what i was confused about was nothing was falling off the tree, no needles, nothing. Then spring came, (yes I kept it all winter long) The needles started turning green and all the branches started turning green as well. Today the tree is starting to grow and has flourished, bright rich green needles and becoming stronger.

I was wondering if Norfolks do this? It kind of confused me. So if you know the answer to this question that would be great!

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