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Snake in the Chicken Coop

14 years ago

Happens every year that I have chicks, an old chicken snake gets into the coop and goes after them. I was missing one chick and I looked all over the yard for it and never found it. The fact that it was missing but there were no feathers laying around told me that I had a snake, and not a hawk. I turned the coop upside down looking for the snake that day but didn't find him. The next day three more chicks went missing and I found a dead one laying in the corner of the coop, so I knew the snake was close by. I always keep a hatchet in the coop with the word "Snake" etched on it, (one size fits all) so I grabbed it and lifted a small cardboard box lid. There he was all perched up in the hay like he owned the place. He had a very lumpy belly which really pi$$ed me off, cause I knew he was full-o-chicken. So I ruined his day and cut off his head, and after that he was only about 4 1/2' long. There are four creatures that I don't mind killing, snakes (the ones that eat my chicks-I don't kill the garters), fire ants, black widow and brown recluse spiders, and scorpions. I'm sorry, I know they all have a place in this world and in the environment, but this is my environment and they gotta go find their own environment to live in. Besides, I'm glad I found him before My 2 yo DGS did, he loves to go up to the coop and hunt eggs. Cheryl

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