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NEW: May Seed Swap all will get at least 10 Bonus Packs

17 years ago

Hi Everyone,

I haven't hosted a swap this month so I got bored and planned this one.

Deadline for joining will be May 18th . Seeds must be sent in by May 25th. They will be returned to you no later than June 2nd.

I've learned a few things from the first swap so here are a few guidelines:

Each pack of seeds should have at least a dozen seeds in it.

Please do not send more than 2 of the same kind of seeds unless they are for sharing as bonus packs. The 3rd pack of the same kind of seeds will be considered an extra and offered as a bonus. Example, If you send in 3 packs of Black Hollyhocks the first two will count as your trade packs and the third pack will be offered as a bonus to another swapper.

You will get back as many packs as you send in. PLUS AT LEAST 10 BONUS PACKS.

I will be adding at least 10 packs of extra seeds for each swapper.

Send as many packs as you want and if you have extras I will be happy to divide up the packs and make even more extras to share with everyone. I have tons of plastic seed bags and labels.

Please send your seeds in bubble envelopes and include a return address label and sufficient postage for sending these back to you. Please Do not SEND ME MONEY FOR POSTAGE.

If this sounds like something you might like to join in on please sign up and I'll email you with the mailing information.

Thanks Kelly

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