Talk me down or bail me out of jail

14 years ago

I picked up the mower from the shop this a.m.

Everytime my city boy DH gets on it something happens to it.

I ran out for a bit and when I came back and he had been on it and It took me forever to get it out of the parking brake , it's all clogged up again because of the burclover. When it is tall I usually weedeat it or use the pushmower.

While I was messing with the mower I turned around and he had a pruner in his hand and heading to the Pyracantha again. I had it shaped just beautiful last year and came home one day and it was butchered and we didn't get berries this last Fall or Winter

Now he's back on the mower and won't stop so I can clean it out and it rattling and clanging because it is all clogged up.

This isn't everything, just a short vent, lol

This is making me want to sell out and get an apartment, lol

I do feel better tho

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