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Having a hard day...sad story

16 years ago

I was just walking along in the rain when something awful happened! The bank I was walking on gave way! I fell and landed on my back. One minute I'm walking along the lovely flowers and grass, then next thing I know I'm on rock. A large,flat rock with big,blurry things whooshing by quicker than I ever thought possible. (Was I dreaming?) Suddenly, one of the whooshing things stopped,scooped me up and ATE ME WHOLE!!!

I sat in the beast's stomach for a while before it regurgitated me back up. I am now in a square hole above ground.Very strange! I can't get out the sides are too slippery. Can someone help me? I'm not exactly sure how I ended up where I was. Maybe I was washed out by the rain? You see,I'm quite slow on land. I need a pond! Wanna see my picture? Help me find a home again! Sincerely, " Freddy 20 Freeway"

Here is a link that might be useful: {{gwi:1310764}}

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