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UPDATE: #2 Tropical Sub-Tropical Surplus

15 years ago

Hello everyone! looks like we filled up another thread!

Regina, thanks so much on on the Iris! I will be dividing them this summer and will send you a few fans! I love them so much, they multiply like dandilions and I am running out of room! I love your TopsyTurvy pots! I saw that somewhere (Birds and Blooms maybe?) and was planning on doing one!

Tammy I think Michelle has a lot going on right now, she is very reliable about letting people know what is going on. I am sure whe will pop in as soon as she is able to tell us all about your lovely plants! Checking the DC# to ease your mind hat it arrived would be a good idea!

Barb look at that greenhouse!!! I am positively GREEN with envy!

Have a wonderful day everyone! We are supposed to get a few days off from the rain, perhaps I will be able to get outside without getting covered in sticky red clay!


A reminder to anyone who has not sent their box, we are in the second half of May! Please stop in and say hello!

Tropical Sub-Tropical Surplus Swap Status

1.bigmama4ever sends to chellflower

2. ladygreensleeves sends to rosepedal SURPLUS SENT and RECIEVED!

3. fcoffill sends to Tina_2 SURPLUS SENT and RECIEVED

4. rosepedal sends to deig01991 SURPLUS SENT AND RECIEVED

5. deig01991 sends to divahethr SURPLUS SENT and RECIEVED

6. chellflower sends to ladygreensleeves SURPLUS SENT and RECIEVED

7.divahether sends to greenthumbgrow SURPLUS SENT and RECIEVED

8. greenthumbgrow sends ro Micyrey SURPLUS SENT

9. tina_2 and micyrey send SMALL (yes SMALL please) boxes to fcoffill


Have a great day everyone!


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  • 15 years ago


    Michelle is having computer problems. Do check your package tracking DC# for your own peace of mind. I am sure Michelle will get back in here as soon as she is able


  • 15 years ago

    Happy Monday everybody...

    Busy weekend here again with the cold weather lol

    Frances I love your pics.. I want to do a herb garden too..I have bought a few to start... I got orange, chocolate, apple and spermint mints this past weekend... I love your iris and peony too dont they jusy smell wonderful..Our honeysuckles here are now blooming they fill the air with great smell too bad they are invasive and have to rip alot of them out... I kept a few and keep them in check...

    Regina I love your topsy turvy too...You are so creative... I wish photobucket would let us enlarge the pics..

    Frances that is a lot of coleus cuttings..:) I went on a mission to find coleus and didnt come home with one..Lol I found this sedum it is called chubby fingers it is too cute.... Oh and another oxalis I didnt have too...

    Well I have to go clean up als mess he made yesterday...He ran the electric and opened the two of them up so now there is a doorway between the two... Have a great day everyone.. Brugs and hugs Barb

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    I am not trying to be argumentative, Mark. I have been a novice trader and so have you, and have been lead to believe a plant was 'easy', when it wasn't - I was out a plant AND money. I was just being honest with my experiences in trying to root these cuttings, so a newby wouldn't be upset if he/she traded for the cutting and it did rot. I was merely mentioning that this cutting is not as easy as it sounds to root. You are turning this into a negative when it is meant to be a positive. WHY would this information NOT be relevant? Are you telling me you wouldn't want to know if the possibility existed that it could rot instead of root?
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  • 15 years ago

    Good morning everyone,
    The weather was absolutely perfect here yesterday. We ended up renting a sod cutter and went to town on the sod in the backyard. Then I posted an ad on Craig's list and someone came and got all the sod. It was so easy that I had to hold myself back from taking out more sod (all of it!!) ;-) lol. Anyway, I decided to move the veggie garden over and we got the new area all prepped and ready to go today. I hope to have the veggies all planted this week. I now also have a new area for annuals/tropicals. And I hope to put a large pond and waterfall in where the old veggie garden used to be. Regina, can you come over and help? lol! Busy summer!!! My husband is awesome!!

    I sent Chell a side trade box on Saturday. I was going to post here last night but it was full. So, the DC# is 03090330000061739709. I already emailed Chell about it but wanted to let you all know too.

    Beautiful pictures everyone!! I'll have to get some of my own posted here soon. I am green with envy about your Greenhouses too Barb!! But you already know that. :-) We are heading to Madison for a wedding this weekend. Long drive for us, but it will be fun. Oh, by the way, you'll have to post pictures of your curlers/bubbler propagation box once you get it done. I'm very curious about that one!

    Ok, I've been thinking about it and I think I would like to try to host the next swap. I was thinking about having the theme be tropicals/annuals/houseplants. This could also include tender bulbs/tubers. What do you all think about that? Of course we could always include other stuff like perennials too, whatever our partner wants. But I wanted to expand it to include houseplants to see if we get some new swappers to join. (I have lots of houseplants myself). What do you guys think about that idea?

    I had a great weekend, hope you all had a great weekend too!! It's supposed to get up to 80 here. Very hard to be inside working!! Have a great day.

  • 15 years ago

    I am in Amy!!! Yippee Yahoo another swap...:)

    Lol on the sod...Oh you will love having a pond..It brings so much wild life to your yard it is wonderful... You are gonna have a busy summer...I wonder if you will be driving by us coming down... Will you be near Waushara county at all..If you have time and are near stop by...

    Yes I will post pics when I get it made..Would love to see your pics too... Well I should get busy been goofing off on the puter for too long...Al is back to work so I can goof off...Lol

  • 15 years ago

    Amy, count me in too! I love swaps!

    Yesterday was beautiful! Spent all day a roof on the GH, leveled the ground and made a brick floor, then moved all of my seedlings so now I can mow again! Tim installed about 8 hooks in the GH so I can hang baskets. Still don't have siding on the GH but it's perfect now to put my PLumeria in to protect them from all the rainfall. Last year we got so much rain that only three Plummies bloomed. My MIL knows someone with store-type shelving, she's gonna see how much he wants for it...adjustable shelves would be perfect for the GH! I also transplanted my dwarf apple into a huge planter and moved it to the south end of the house for more sun. I'm gonna do the same with my cherry tree. Now if I can just get my gardens tilled I can get things planted before they go to seed, LOL! I may have to grab a shovel and do things the old fashion way! Amy, I could sure use your sod buster right now, LOL!

    I'll try and get pics today of my 'naked' GH, etc and post them soon. I love the pics of everyones plants and projects!

    Has anyone heard from BigMama? I haven't recieved an email from her in over a week. I know she has alot going on this month and I hope everything's okay and that she's just been busy. I can't wait to get my surplus box, she has some awesome plants!

    Amy, I'm packing & mailing your side trade box today. I'll email the conformation later. I'll watch the mail for my box...can't wait, Thanks!

    Gotta's another busy one!
    Y'all have a great day!

  • 15 years ago

    I just recieved my side trade with Amy.
    Here's what she sent....

    Variegated rubber tree cutting
    Dalia 'Akita' & 'Arabian Knight' divisions
    Bloodleaf variegated irisene herbsti
    Lipstick Plant
    Oyster Plant
    Star Jasmine cuttings
    ...also she wasn't sure which aloe I wanted so she sent me two varieties!!! Isn't she sweet! Thanks for trading, Amy!!

  • 15 years ago

    Wow Chell!
    you have been swapping like a Madwoman!!!! Sounds like another terrific Surplus package!!!

    I have not heard from bigmama4ever in a few weeks, I hope that you are right that she is just busy this month. I sent everyone the same message this morning. If we haven't heard from her in the next few days I will send her another message.

    Amy Bravo!!! Sounds like a good idea! I can't say for certain if I will be able to participate. Still waiting to see how things are going back home. But the weather is certainly cooperating. It is possitively balmy here today! Warm sun and enough breeze to keep the temperature perfect!

    Temps dropped down into the 40's in the early hours today! Very chilly, but it is supposed to be warmer and sunny til friday! I have been feeding my evergreens (camillia/rhodies/azaleas/etc) this morning. now back to work!

    Have a great day everyone!

  • 15 years ago

    Amy, your trade box has been mailed.
    Confirmation 0308 1400 0001 3519 6885

    Let me know when it arrives...

  • 15 years ago

    hi people beena busy little bee, im trying very hard to mail tomorw. and here we are thinkin of anoter swap. frances would you like to trade some colesus, i orderd from rosy dawn , they will be mailin at the end of th month. ones gays delight and saturns rings.. and 2 more, have chocolate mint and another that has no leaves. and just bought 3 more at lowes..barb wich oxalis did you get. and wich do you have...well kids getting home from school, got to feed all..bigmama

  • 15 years ago

    Frances-I thought I'd stop over here to see what this swap is all about.... What ya doing over here???? Sounds like you folks are having fun. How about some info.LOL

    I spoke with Michelle this morning. Her computer is out of commission. She'll be back online as soon as she can.

  • 15 years ago

    Hi Everybody thought I would post some pics of seedlings from the first swap of seeds...Does anybody know what pic # 9 and # 10 are? I threw in my helper the hummingbird...also forget me knots are blooming now...Bigmama these are what I think I have..Lol Not sure on some Charmed wine, Iron cross, Triangularis, Regnelli and Debilis Like I said am unsure on some of them...Chell those are awesome plants I looked at amy's trade page pictures..Neat pics Amy! Hi Mariann you have a great background! I have a extra buddah belly seedling..Can anybody tell me how to make it fat..There are no bellys yet... Oh my adenium seedling is branching..It is so cute.. Regina that is your sugar and cream datura seedling...Oh and Katies purple crinum she sent me for hosting.... Well goffing off now got alot done today...:)))


  • 15 years ago

    Hi Mariann!

    Just a bunch of GW swapaholics here, but all good reliable plant addicts are welcome here! We are just about finished this swap(the 'you pick your Tropical Sub-Tropical Surplus Swap') and Amy (deig01991) is going host the next one!

    We sort of make it up as we go along, share pics, plants, jokes, but mostly its an evil plot to take over the world.... er.... um.... create as many raving plantaholics as we possibly can!!!!

    ha ha ha
    Tell Michelle she is missed! (and many thanks again for the great box!)

    Please feel free to jump right in, the water is fine (don't mind those tangly vines....they're harmless) whether you decide to join in or not!


  • 15 years ago

    OK all the conf. number said she recieved it so I hope all is well with her.

    Regina - I LOVE the topsy turvy. I just added one about 2 weeks ago but did it from large to small pots. it is also in the front of the house on the walk way into the house. I will try and post some photos.


  • 15 years ago

    Amy you know I'm in too on a houseplant/tropical/annual swap. I would come and help with your pond, but digging mine about did my back in for good. But I put in a good size pond too 8x10 with the deepest being 2.5 ft. So I suggest renting a small backhoe or getting a few of the guys with good backs together, firing up the grill and getting a case or two of beer for them.

    Glad ya'll liked my tipsy pots....they go from large to smaller pots. I put succulents in mine since I have the hanging baskets of rhipsalis's and desert roses out front as well.

    Fran your buddha belly will get a belly when it gets older, kinda like us when we age and get fat and

    Here's a volunteer fixing to bloom, I'm pretty sure I know what it is.......Just to the right of the two middle leaves is the flower bud forming.

    Anyone care to make a guess as to what they think it is.


  • 15 years ago

    yes! all packed and ready to will defenetly leave tomorow..yay..bigmama

  • 15 years ago

    Frances-Thanks for the info! Plant folks taking over the world HUMMMM I like the way you think!LOL

    I'll check out Amy's Thread when she puts it up. Looking forward to swapping with everyone here. That is if I have what others are looking for.

  • 15 years ago

    Good Morning Swappers!

    Mariann! terrific! can't wait to see what Amy comes up with, bound to be lots of fun!

    Regina looks like a datura to me! wow! mine are up, still a ways to go before they are likely to bloom.

    bigmama that is terrific! I know chellflower is looking forward to your Surplus!!! I am a total coleus newbie (at least for the outdoors) we used to grow them on the windowsill (with begonia and african violets) but I have never tried them outside.

    Tammy I am glad that your package made it home, I am sure Michelle will confirm as soon as she is able!

    We have been having cool cool nights, the plants are confused (me too) One of the caladium I planted a couple of weeks ago is flowering?!?! Sort of pretty, but the leaf would be better. I hope they pick up a bit when(if) it warms up!

    I gotta run, works is calling, I still have a million little plants to plant. I was supposed to go to a local swap, but wasn't able to at the last minute, so now I have all the plants to get in the ground..... so much gravel so little strength!!!

    Have a great day everyone


  • 15 years ago

    Yippie, I'm glad that so many of you are already in for my swap idea. This will be the first swap I've ever hosted so you guys will have to give me tips and pointers. I will try to get the new swap posted this week sometime.

    Regina, good idea on getting a bunch of guys over for a digging party. Guys are so easy, they will do pretty much anything for beer and burgers! ;-) We did that when we put in our retaining wall, it worked out so great!! Now I just have to get my hubby on board. He put a small pond in the front a few years ago for my b-day. I love it! The plant looks like a datura to me too.

    Barb, I'll have to see where you are an which way we're driving. How far from Madison are you?

    That's it for now, have to run to a meeting...

  • 15 years ago

    LoL Frances on us taking over the world... You all I just had the funnest time... I got my nerve up... There is a garden down the road Al and I call it Grandmas and Grandpas house... It is very welcoming..:)

    Well I packed up some extra plants from the gh and decided to go and introduce myself...

    She was the nicest and most friendlest person I have met... Her gardens are amazing.. She was at the master gardeners sale too this past weekend.....

    Well when I left after telling her how much we enjoy her gardens driving past them and giving her some of my plants... She had the biggest smile on her face... Spreading smiles rocks..:)

    I now know one of my neighbors down the road and it only took me a year to get up the nerve and introduce myself..Lol I am glad I did now I have a huge smile myself.... Sharing sure makes me warm and mushy..LOL Barb

  • 15 years ago

    Aren't yuo glad you stopped to 'smell the flowers'

    I know whan I look around my yard all I see is chaos,occassionally a bright spot will appear, but to me its a mess (I love the mess and thrive on its care, but its still a mess) whenever someone tells me how much they love it, I can't help but smile. I think that gardening is the best 'drug' in the world. It is just good for whatever ails you (except maybe an aching back!!!)

    Evil plot to take over the world!!! you betcha!!! I think the world would be a much better place if 'gardeners' were in charge!!!

    Have a great evening everyone!

  • 15 years ago

    Hi everyone,
    Thanks for your support to host the next swap. I just posted the new thread, check it out!!

    Barb, that's a cool story! I always feel odd when I want to approach someone about a beautiful yard or something. I don't want them to think I'm a psycho stalker or a weirdo! lol. Glad you found a new garden buddy!!


  • 15 years ago

    Lol Amy it is so funny you said that!!!! She was sitting on her porch on the phone... I got out of the car and said I have plants for her...I had to walk around the car to the passenger side to get the flat out...I have no idea what she was thinking...Lol :) She could have thought that...I was dressed as a messy gardener..Blue jeans and a ratted t shirt with mud on the knees..:)) hahah

    I am so excited for your swap! Big smiles your pics are awesome.... :) I am in waushara county are going thru there...I could always meet ya on Hwy 39... lol crazy t- shirt I am not sure which way your going thru WI?

  • 15 years ago

    Frances thank you for a awesome and fun swap!!! And to my partner too...You both made this over the top! :))) Barb

  • 15 years ago

    This truly was an awesome swap wasent it? Thanks so much Frances for making it so awesome and fun! Thanks to my partner too.

    And I think it's a datura

    Ohh and I'm looking forward to some of those "fans" Fran.

    Off to find Amy's thread now......


  • 15 years ago

    Regina, So not sure what that is, is it a moonflower???


  • 15 years ago

    I'm with Barb, thank you all for such a great swap!! Frances, thanks for being such a great hostess!!!

    Have a great day!!!

  • 15 years ago

    frances, thanks for the swap, it was very cool. count me in next yearjejee..norma what did you dicide on the coleouses, thats my thing this summer..and thanks again..

  • 15 years ago

    Tammy....It may be a moonflower datura or a dbl yellow datura. I noticed today that there is now a second bud forming on it......

  • 15 years ago

    Awesome. I love datura but can't grow them because of the kids. My boys only 1.5 and he puts everything in his mouth.

    He actually found the strawberry patch today and ate all the red ones (and pink ones)LOL I had to stop him before the green ones disappeared also.


  • 15 years ago

    Hi everyone,
    I wanted to let you know that I got my side-swap box from Chell yesterday. It had lots of goodies in it!! After potting up all my new babies, I didn't have time to write down all the contents but I will post later tonight.


  • 15 years ago


    I have been swapping for a while but never asked. What is a side swap box? I have seen it a couple times being done but what exactly is it?


  • 15 years ago

    Hi, I'm back to post what I received from Chell...

    Canna Yellow King or Robert Wallace (you'll have to identify it for me when it blooms)
    Canna Purple Leaf
    Canna Stuttgart
    Pink Star
    Desert Rose
    Hoya Fungii
    Hibiscus Sunset
    Paperwhite Chinese Sacred Lily
    Spider Plant Variegated

    **Bonus Plants:
    Easter Egg Plant
    Honeyball Bush
    Purple Jew

    CHELL!!!! What an awesome box this is!! I'm so excited about all of these plants, I just hope I can keep them all alive! LOL. Thanks so much for a great trade!

    Tammy, I use the term "swap box" to refer to the box I send to or receive from my partner during a swap. I don't know if others have a different use of the term though. :-)


  • 15 years ago

    Shoot, I forgot to mention that Chell also sent me a very nice list that has some detail/care instructions about each plant she sent me. Plus plant markers for them too!! What a nice touch Chell!


  • 15 years ago

    WhooooHoooo!! I receieved my surplus box from BigMama today!!!! We had also done a side trade, but man she must have split her whole garden with me!! The box was FULL of plants and cuttings, and soo many extras!!! I just finished potting them all (now I gotta buy more soil, LOL).
    Here's a brief run-down of what she sent...

    About a dozen begonia varieties
    Oxalis- green & purple
    red trumpet vine
    Perilla Magella
    Coleus -3 kinds (Hinna, Florida Sun Rose, Chocolate Mint)
    Jews-10 types!!!
    Arrowheads- 4 types
    Philos- 3 types!
    Hoyas- 4 types!
    African Violet
    bonnie spider plant
    large bromelliad
    epis- 3 types
    ...and over 20 other types of various succulents!!! She also sent a cute 'crab' wall plaque! I know I missed some...there are over 75 different types of plants/cuttings! I took pics...we're leaving tomorrow for a family camping trip near Shreveport, LA but I'll try to post the photos before we go.
    Thank you so much BigMama for such a wonderful box of goodies! I know you've been really busy and I'm sure it probably took you a whole day just to gather and box up my surplus...I am truly grateful for your generosity! I can honestly say that yours is the biggest swap box I've ever recieved! (Folks, I believe I already need to enlarge the greenhouse! LOL). Thanks again for sharing!

    Amy, I'm so glad you enjoyed our side trade as much as I have. They're all fairly easy to care for...just don't spoil them too much and they'll do fine, LOL.

    Frances, thanks for hosting such a great swap! Can we do this again next year...HUh, can we pleeeaaaase?!?

  • 15 years ago

    you are welcome, and i forgot to tell you that i lost the list you send me i know i put it in my pocket and now i cant find it.. but if i have any questions ill just send ya an e.. have a good vacation. my kids are going campin and im stayin to play on the dirt.. ho yea.. now lets get ready for the next one, maybee ill get my banana was a lot of funnnn.bigmama

  • 15 years ago

    Hi Everyone!

    Stressed to the max here and going crazy as always! My sister is stabilized and she has convinced them to let her go home!!! Crazy girl! anyway seems like things may be calming down and I can get ready for my 'regular' summer excursions!

    I got a big box from Brecks yesterday and am trying to get my head around all of these new bulbs. I bought a 'grabbag' last year and most of the plants didn't do well in the dry heat, so they replaced it. WOW did they replace it!!!! I don't mind telling you I would pay a little extra for Brecks bulbs every day of the week! Their perennials not so much, but their bulbs are OUTSTANDING! Trying to figure out where to plant all of these beauties!!! (pineapple lily, peruvian daffodil, lily trees, aaaahhhh, so many flowers so little space) Who knew bulbs sould be so big!!!

    Look forward to some of these for Barb's fall/winter swap!

    Tammy, Side Swap box is any trade arranged outside of the organized/assigned swap. :) more goodies to share! Seemed appropriate for a 'surplus' swap!

    Chell flower what a wonderful box! to send and to recieve!!!

    Bigmama, I wish I could swap with you, but these coleus have just arrived! I am just rooting them now, but I will probably be looking for homes for the whole plants when fall comes, (I can't keep them over winter) perhaps we can do a trade then or for cuttings when they get a little bigger!

    Amy what a wonderful box!!! I'd like to get a peak at Chellflower's garden wouldn't you?

    Well I'd better get to work! I think this swap is now complete! I had a wonderful time everyone, I have enjoyed getting to know you all a little better and learning about your gardens! I hope you will all stay in touch. I definatley think we should do this again next spring!

    Have a wonderful day!


  • 15 years ago

    Okay, I have photos to share, but have no clue ow to post them. Could someone please guide me thru this?? Thanks!

  • 15 years ago

    Hi Chell :)

    Put photobucket in and hit search...There are awesome easy instructions posted....I am sitting by the sidelines waiting for your pics....I am terrible at instructions..:))