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new: last chance for spring seed swap robin

18 years ago

Starting a spring seed only swap for any extra seeds you may have... Have some extras and care to share???? Looking to try something new in the garden this year? LAST CHANCE for spring planting.

Box will go from person to person. Box can contain any types of seeds you have, annuals, pereinnals, vines, herbs, vegtables. You take out what you would like and just replace it with more seed packets than you took.

Cost would be approximately $4.35 per person for priority shippng with deleivery confirmation. PLEASE turn around should be within 2 or 3 days of receving the box so all participants can get the seeds in time to plant in early summer. Robin limited to first 8 people to sign up so you can receive it within a month or so. Would like to get the box started by MAY 16 or sooner. I Have 75+ small packets to get us started.

Who wants to play? Email me to sign up, and please send me your mailing address and garden id. If you are a new member with last 3 months please include a reference from a past swap to be included.

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