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Four tomato seedlings getting crowded in a container

15 years ago


Several weeks ago I purchased four seedlings each of Fantastic Tomato and La Roma Tomato plants. I took two containers and put the four seedlings of each type in a container filled with an organic potting soil. It was warm when I bought them, temps in the 80's (unseasonably warm, I might add). I should mention that I live outside of San Diego. I put them in the sun, watering them regularly and they began to grow! The problem is that the Fantastic tomato plants are between 3-5 inches high, but crowded in the pot at only 3-4 inches apart from each other. We have since had colder weather, with a winter storm that left us with lots of hail, rain, and temps in the mid-high 30's. Surprisingly enough, my little seedlings did just fine! I have a newly dug/created garden, which I filled with Miracle Grow Garden soil, mixed with my own soil. Before you flog me for this, I realize my mistake...:( I'm going to add some compost soon, and perhaps some mulch. I haven't researched much about mulch yet to decide what and if to use any.

As you can tell, I am a complete newbie.

With all of that said, here is my question: Should I transplant them now? We have more rain coming with lows in the low 40's and highs around 60. I'm afraid if I leave them much longer the roots will be intertwined. The other question is: What is the best method of doing so? Everything I have read talks about taking seedlings grown indoors, where I have seedlings that are already outside and just need to be transplanted from a container into the ground. This actually brings up another question: Would I be better off putting each one in it's own container (or perhaps two in one large container) using the same potting soil to reduce the chances of shock? I don't know how large each plant gets, but I can look that up...anyone have any advice on how to best approach the situation? I am so excited to have plants growing that I don't want to screw it up now!


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