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Please look @ my 2008 lineup & make suggestions

15 years ago

I have been reading this forum for about the last year and have learned much. There seems to be some very knowledgeable people here. Last summer I began reading this forum about what tomatoes seem to be reliable with a good taste (for most people) and this is how I came to my choices. I placed my seed order with Tomato Growers Supply (this decision was made by reading here also).

I also have been reading over at the Container Forum. Which prompted me to purchase 13 Earthbox's in the past 8 months. Out of the 13 box's 7 will be dedicated to tomatoes. Here is my lineup with a total of how many of each I will plant.

In your opinion would you plant more or less of the following?

Kellogs Breakfast 4

New Big Dwarf 4

Neves Azorean Red 4

Sprite 2 (Freebie planting just because. I have not found much info about this one)

Thanks you for your time,


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