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NEW: It's Time For the Blue Seed Swap!

14 years ago

That means all fruit, veggies, and flowers that are BLUE or have BLUE in the name are welcome!

I, dan_the_mailman, otherwise known as Dan, will be your host for this one. I'm posting this a bit earlier than I'd thought I would, but since the purple seeds are going to Anna now, I thought I'd get us started on this one now.

Here's how it's going to work...

Send any type of blue seeds to me, Dan, in packets of at least 10 seeds, no more than 10 packets per person. Then I will randomly send you back the same number of packets that you sent back. Please do not send multiple packets of one type (for example- 10 packets of lavender). I will do my best to make sure everyone gets a good variety of seeds. And yes, if you wish, you may send extra seed packets which I will distribute as evenly as possible.

You need to sign up before May 2, 2009, and your seeds need to arrive by May 15th. Seeds will be sent out to you by May 22 so you can get them growing for summer. When you sign up, please do so here, and also send me an e-mail with your name, address, garden web name, and e-mail address. I will be e-mailing everyone my address on May 3rd so you will know where to send the seeds.

You will need to send your seeds in a bubble envelope, which will be used to mail you your new seeds. Also, I will need a mailing label with your address on it, and stamps equal to what you sent plus one not attached in case an extra stamp is needed (if the extra stamp is not needed, I will put it in your return envelope). One last thing, please include a note of what you sent so you don't get those seeds back.

Absolutely NO Invasive Plants or Noxious Weeds. These are illegal in many states (including mine). If your not sure, just ask. Many states have a list on the internet as to what types are listed as illegal.

For seeds, please make sure they are no more than 2 years old. For seed Labeling, please put Common name or Scientific name, year acquired seeds, season to plant, and any other information that may be pertain to this variety.

Anything that is either blue, produces blue foliage, fruit, or flower, or has blue in the name can be sent.

In the Purple Seed Swap, some people preferred edibles, some non-edibles, and some wanted a mix. If you'd like, please indicate which preference you have, if any. I can't guarantee what you'll get because I don't know what everyone will send in, but I will do my best to see that you get what you want.

If anyone has any questions, please ask them! I'm here to make this as easy and fun as possible.

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