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Beginner needs advice

17 years ago

Hello all. I've been lurking around here for awhile and I am very glad to have found this forum as I have gone completely "tropicrazy" this summer! My yard and patio are packed full of tropicalesque type plants. My friends and neighbors all think I'm "weird plant guy" now. I love it!

Just had some questions about storing different types of Elephant Ears for the winter.

From what I've been reading my plan is like this.

1. Wait till first frost, cut off all the "green".

2. Dig up the tuber, trim the roots, clean.

3. Allow tuber to dry a bit.

3. Store tuber in a dark cool dry place.

4. Water very sparingly throughout the winter.

(*I've think this is the method Boca Joe uses.)

I own several types of EE's:

Colocasia Esculenta

Black Magic


Imperial "Illustrus"

Alocasia macrorhizza - Upright or Upee.

Alocasia freydek


Some are in the ground and some are in pots.

All of the plants were purchased quite small and have grown considerably large this summer. Especially the Upright EE's. However when I purchased the Upees they were already a decent size.

Seeing the amount of growth on the other plants this year I have no doubt that they will come back strong and grow even larger next season. (As long as they survive the winter)

However, the Upees are SO big that I'm afraid to cut them back. The trunks are 4 to 5 inches across and I have a hard time visualizing these ones getting this big next season.

If I cut the trunk close the base where does the new growth sprout? Will they get as large next season? Should I pot them and move them inside? Am I out to lunch with my wintering plan?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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