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need help shortening list

12 years ago

Here's what I'm "down" to...


CBX209: Cherokee Purple x Bradley. This F2 seed produces large crops of 5 � 8 ounce, smooth, slightly flattened globes with sweet, mellow flavor. This seed has proven itself in Alabama and Mississippi with laudable results. Make your own selections toward an indeterminate, semi-indeterminate, or determinate variety.

Big Cheef F6 is an example of a superior tomato variety stabilized from an original mystery cross of Brandywine Sudduth and an unknown green flesh tomato in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

GCXPL09: Potato leaf vine ultra-productive of medium sized, fasciated, lumpy, red fleshed, sweet salad tomato with sufficient zip to taste old-fashioned. Mystery cross found in pack of Golden Cherokee seeds in 2009

CL310Y: Golden Cherokee x GWR. This F3 seed throws both clear yellow and clear green-when-ripe recombination, both with a slight pink blush on the blossom end during warmer weather

MOX311S: This seed, grown in 2011, is the F3 line of Mozark x Sioux as selected from semi-indeterminate plants that showed strong and continual production of near perfect, blemish free, red slicer/canners with an excellent, balanced flavor and very tight blossom scars. Ripened in Zone 6b at 120 days from seed or about 65 � 70 days from transplant.

BCM-311: This F3 seed is another recombining sister line to Big Cheef exhibiting jumbo size maroon fruit with superior flavor and heat setting capabilities.

GGYS-PL: The cross of Green Giant x Yellow Submarine has yielded several interesting and tasty recombinations in the F2, F3 and F4 generations.

Reverend Michael Keyes - Sweet Beverly x Black plum f2

(Lucky Cross x Big Beef) x Black Cherry f2

Ananas Noire x Purple Haze f1

Big Beef x Indian Stripe f2

Kozula #125 Czarna Zebra

Brandy Boy f6


Fantome du Laos "I�m impressed with this white tomato. It is very productive, and though mild tasting, it is by no means flavorless. I found them having a very pleasant fruit flavor, and I would choose to grow them again before some other pink or reds I have grown. The color stays very light. Some of the fruit develop a pink blush on the bottom, but not all, so don�t use that as an indicator of ripeness."


Micro Gemma

Vova Yellow

Yellow Cookie

Yellow Pear (4 sister)

Golden Giant


Blue Tears

Searching for the Blue Zebra

Dancing With Smurfs

Indigo Rose

Heart shaped:

Russian Bull Heart

Belgian Heart

Everette's Rusty Oxheart

Dawson's Russian Oxheart (aka Orange Russian 117)

Black purple:

Big Cheef

Pork Chop

Black Giant

Russian Cossack

Black Bear

Italian Noire


Gold Medal

Isis Candy

Virginia Sweets


Orange Minsk


Big Beef f1

Dixiewine (aka Brandywine x Neves Azorean Red)

Illinois Beauty


Micro Tom

Roma (4 sale)



Olive Hill

Purple Passion

Rose Quartz Multiflora



Green Giant

Green Zebra (4 sister)


"no name but looks like a squash/pumpkin"

Virginia Volunteer

Any ideas on what can go? I'd like to cull about ten.

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