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Advice Sought - Grow Mango In Subtropics

15 years ago

Hi all - new member here.

I live on an offshore island in the sub tropics of West Australia.


Its really hot here, some days up to 48C (118f) and very very dry - we get less than 12 inches (300mm) rain a year, and most of that evaporates as it hits the ground. Soil is sandy beach sand...and doesn't hold water well at all, can at times be too hot to stand on in bare feet without getting blisters. Only the most hardy natives like Spinifex (sp) grows wild here. Soil is understandably salty also.

All fresh water is made by desalination plant, so water is very precious and non to waste.

I would like to try and germinate a mango seed we just ate and grow it out front of the house for eventual shade and fruit in the longer term from the tree and the help beautify the place. I plan to plant it in front of house where the pipe from washing machine, and fish cleaning table drains too. We wash clothes every 2nd day and hopefully extra water & fish scales, offal etc from fish cleaning table will help fertilise the tree.

What sort of soil do I need to create, for the tree to survive and thrive in? Should I get bags of potting mix for this purpose? How big a hole to dig and fill with the soil?

Will the detergent from washing machine water hurt the tree?

Should I fertilize the tree once it starts to grow?

What with? I guess I should mulch the soil surface under the tree - would sea weed be good for this?

I could plumb the condensate water drain pipes from 14 air conditioners to the tree as well, would this help - to get the constant water every day as a steady drip, drip?

I heard that it is not good to spray water onto the tree leaves as it will boil and kill the leaves, is this true? - should the water just feed the soil around the roots but not on the leaves themselves?

Should I try to protect the tree when young from harsh sun - salt laden strong winds off the ocean etc? What with? Shade mesh?..

Anything else to ensure success in such harsh environment?

I'd like to grow coconut palms as well.

Any other tropicals fruits or nuts that might grow well out here?

Thank you all in advance


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