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Can Tomato Seedlings Be Grown Outside In AZ?

15 years ago

Hello to all! I'm new to growing tomato plants from seed, but I'm jumping in. My husband built me a 4'x8' gardening box and I will be using the Square Foot Gardening Method. I've started Burpee Rainbow Heirloom Mix in Jiffy-7 peat pellets and all is going well. I have them under Flourescent lights for 14 hours. The first "true leaves" are starting to emerge. Our temperature here in Scottsdale is 75 to 80 degrees for a daytime high. My question is can I put the tray outside during the day? It seems a waste to operate the lights when the outdoors is so nice. If I put them outside what kind of light should I put them in? Direct or indirect sun. I know about the "hardening off", but I'm asking about actual seedling growth long before putting them into the garden soil.

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