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Just built new raised box bed, questions?

14 years ago

I just built a little raised bed for my veggies this spring. Used 4x4's, 3 high, and its 6 and 1/2 feet by 4 and 1/2 feet. I plan to get 3 tomatoe plants in the back and

3 or 4 pepper plants up front. I have a couple of questions regarding filling it w/ compost/soil, etc.

1) the ground on which I built the box is very firm,

clay like soil, do I need to dig down into the clay

and remove some of it and replace w/ good soil? or

can I just turn it over and start mixing in soil and


2) IF I plan to plant in approximately 2 months, what is

the best way to fill the bed, in order to have good

plantable soil in 2 months?

3) should I lay down a liner on the bottom to keep weeds out? I've read about the lasagna method, is this what

I should do?

Thanks for any advice

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