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NEW: Hortiholics Anon. 2006 year long swap

16 years ago

We just finished up on a year long swap that mgood4u hosted and did a FABULOUS job!!!! Had a wonderful time!

I would like to carry on the swap for another year, and then maybe someone else from the group can carry it on for a 3rd year.

The swap is pretty basic.

You send a box to your assigned pal once a month that includes gardening items, plants, seeds, bulbs, and anything special that you wold like to add to the box, such as bath items, teas, coffees, cookies, etc.

Please, if you don't think you can dedicate yourself to a year, don't sign up. If for some reason, you HAVE to drop out, please send me an e-mail and let me know, so I will be able to find a replacement ASAP. If something comes up and you can't send one month, please let me know, and I will contact your partner, and you can make it up in the next months box.

We'll start this out as a "Secret Partner". How long we can stay anonymous, who knows, LoL. But, we can try :-).

So, if we get enough interest here, we'll move ahead!

I look forward to hosting. Dawn, if you have any tips, please feel free to share ;-)


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