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'Sheffield Pink' Mum

18 years ago

This is the time of year for beautiful mums and I particularly enjoy 'Sheffield Pink'. It is so carefree--never needs to be pinched, blooms reliably and it gorgeous to boot. I got my first plant about 4 years ago, planted it in the spring and it bloomed beautifully that October. The following spring, I noticed 3 or 4 small plants in the pathway near the original mum. I assumed the original plant had put our runners. That fall, the new plants bloomed and I had several colors and some variation in blossom--some were more double, some had blossoms that were much smaller in size. The beauty of this is that the new plants have the same carefree habits of the original. Every year I get new variations. I do not know how to post multiple URL's, so here is an address that will take you to an album with pictures of the original mum and some of the seedlings. When the Photobucket page opens, scroll to the bottom and click on the album 'Sheffield Pink' Mum. At that time you can click on slideshow to see the pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: 'Sheffield Pink' Mum

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