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Questions About Wells and Well Water

16 years ago

I am considering getting a well dug for irrigation. I know that most well water would be better for my plants than tap (or "city") water and I think I've heard that the electricity used to pump the water from the well would be significantly cheaper than the tap water.

Has anyone here had a well dug recently? I know the price would depend on various factors, but was wondering if anyone could give me some idea of what it might cost. I am also wondering if there are pitfalls I need to avoid or things that would be smart to consider when getting a well dug.

Another question I have is how much better well water is for plants than chlorinated tap water. Has anyone here ran any experiments or is anyone aware of any good studies on the subject?

Finally, how do you find someone to dig a well? I was shocked when I looked in the phone book and only found one or two listings. When I called and left messages, no one returned my call. I thought getting a well dug was pretty common, but I am beginning to wonder if it's going to be harder to find someone than I first thought.

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