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NEW: Variegated Plant Swap: Take a Chance

15 years ago

WELCOME TO the variegated plant swap: Seeing that I am unable to attend any swaps this year I thought it would be fun to try this. One of my friends did this with great results.

How it works:

Play-list is limited to 7 people I make 8

It is a first come, first serve basis.

Each player will choose two different variegated plants and send 4 of each. Each player will send the plants to me by a chosen date. The plants will be soaked in alf. tea and then planted in a peat moss soiless mixture for temp holding.. Once all plants are rec. Boxes will be sent back to each player containing 8 new plants..

Postage will be 8.10 make sure to include this in your box for return postage.

I have a great trading history and you can check my rating in the feedback forum.

My trades will include 4 Silene dioica 'Valley High' PPAF

I am not sure about my next 4, it is either Stairway to heaven Sol. Seal, or a split of two of my named hosta..

SO take a chance and join the fun..


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